Jenny Ravalo Demands Steeper Punishment for Kubrat Pulev!

Sushe Wants Blood!

Jenny Ravalo Demands Steeper Punishment for Kubrat Pulev!
Jenny Ravalo demadns more punishment for Kubrat Pulev.

Jenny “SuShe” Ravalo still wants blood!

Back on March 23, heavyweight contender Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev (27-1, 14 KO’s) granted Jennifer “SuShe” Ravalo a now infamous interview. At the conclusion of the interview, Pulev suddenly grabbed Ravalo’s face and kissed her on the mouth.

This unwarranted kiss lead to the reporter, and self-proclaimed “Queen of Naked Sushi”, securing high profile attorney Gloria Allred and taking legal action. The repercussions for Pulev were a fine, a six-month suspension, and a required sexual harassment course. Now, Ravalo and her legal counsel are back and they want a stiffer penalty enforced.

Motivating Words

To her credit, Ravalo did not reappear just for the fun of it. Her reemergence in the public eye stems directly from an interview that Top Rank founder Bob Arum conducted with IFL TV on June 15.

In the brief piece, Arum openly talks about the situation that Pulev, a Top Rank fighter, had with the angered reporter. Admittedly, the aging report does make light of the incident. Arum essentially says he does not understand what the big deal was.

According to Arum, Ravalo had in fact been a main stay in camp. By his account, she behaved in an extremely friendly manner toward Pulev and his team. So much so, that he described Ravalo as behaving like Pulev’s “semi-girlfriend”.

“And somehow, this went viral on the internet and somehow this woman lawyer, who is the shit disturber, Gloria Allred, got a hold of it, put in a complaint with the California commission and they suspended this guy for six months for inappropriate behavior and provided that he has to take a course in sexual harassment before he can get his license back.

“Is that totally crazy?!”

Bob Arum – Top Rank Chairman

Obviously, Bob Arum’s overtly glib attitude toward the subject has rubbed Ravalo the wrong way. In response to Arum’s interview, Ravalo and Allred issued a public statement.

Allred Chimes In

In a brief video, Allred calls for Pulev’s extended suspension and denial of a boxing license. The Cobra is being heavily considered as a candidate to face Tyson Fury later this year. Scoring such a meaningful fight so fast after the initial kissing incident transpired has left Ravalo feeling her plight is being brushed off.

It’s understandable that the reporter is angered by Arum’s comments. However, it was Arum, not Pulev, who made the remarks. Regardless of who made the comments, Ravalo and Allred are looking for another pound of Pulev’s flesh.

Pulev Speaks Up

For his part, since everything initially hit the fan, Pulev has been quiet and remained out of the spotlight. In fact, the Bulgarian pugilist took to his Facebook page on June 26 to announce that he had successfully completed his sexual harassment course.

Its one thing had Pulev himself been on camera making light of the situation. Though, to punish Pulev for something that Bob Arum said seems a bit much.

“Last week I completed a two hour sexual harassment training facilitated by UNLV’s Title IX and Sexual Harassment expert, Mr. Barrett Morris and his Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Sara Wattenberg.

“The training made me better understand that the incident that took place on March 23rd, between myself and journalist Jenny Ravalo was completely inappropriate. Today, as I continue to fulfill my obligations to undergo the necessary training and corrective action measures needed to reinstate my California Boxing License.

“I want to be sure to let all my fans know, I made a mistake and I was wrong. I will continue to take full accountability for my action”

Kubrat Pulev – Heavyweight Contender

Yet in the courtrooms of America stranger things have happened!

At the moment, from the outside looking in, it does not appear that this legal situation will go much further. However, in the end, you never really know what might happen next. 3kingsboxing will continue to follow this story and provide any new updates.

By: Bakari Simpson

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