Lewis Ritson Wins Ultra-Boring Split Decision Victory

Ritson v Vazquez

Lewis Ritson
Lewis Ritson

Ritson v Vazquez

Following twelve dreary rounds of movement minus substance, super lightweight contender Lewis “Sandman” Ritson (21-1, 12 KO’s) picked up a split decision win over Miguel “Puppet” Vazquez (42-10, 16 KO’s). Ritson, who the WBA has ranked as their #2 super lightweight, remains in a prime position to challenge for WBA world super lightweight champion Josh Taylor’s title.

The Sandman is now on a four-fight win streak since losing to Francesco Patera on October 13, 2018. Prior to the Patera bout, Ritson was viewed a very hot up-and-coming boxer in the 140lbs division. However, a thick cloud of doubt hovered over his head after Patera thoroughly out-boxed him. Since that detrimental setback, Ritson has made a fairly good account of himself.

Easily the best win since his defeat came against his fellow UK rival Robbie Davies Jr. (20-2, 13 KO’s). With that victory, the Sandman was catapulted from #9 to his current #2 spot in the WBA super lightweight rankings. After this flavorless performance, that cloud of doubt is now unquestionably thicker and darker.


Right from the start, the bout began at a rather lively pace. Although, despite the high volume of punches thrown, nothing of any consequence was landing. In general, Ritson pressed the action behind his jab, straight rights and sporadic body shots. The trouble was he did not appear to have any sort of real game plan. The once defeated fighter was content to chase the constantly circling Vazquez around the ring. Puppet was active as well, particularly with body shots, but none of his offense phased Ritson in the least.

As the rounds wore on, neither fighter changed much of anything about their game plan. Vazquez utilized near non-stopped movement, only standing still long enough to potshot single and one-two combinations. The Sandman was content to follow and landed the greater variety of blows. Cutting the ring off never seemed to cross his mind.


With the arrival of the ninth period, Vazquez was not circling as much, but he was still moving a good amount. Ritson still bitterly refused to cut the ring off. The Sandman did begin throwing an amazing amount of meaningless left hooks.

His Mexican foe tossed a good amount of hooks to the head and increased his output to the body. Sadly for the audience, none of either fighters’ shots looked to be all that powerful. And at no point did either combatant appear to be seriously affected by anything.

When the fight mercifully ended and went to the cards, it was surprising to see that one judge gave the nod to Vazquez. After this showing, if Ritson has any lingering ideas about pressing for a fight with Josh Taylor he needs to forget them…fast!

By: Bakari Simpson

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