Rolando Romero Calls For Gervonta Davis: “I Am Your Mandatory!”

Rolando Romero Urging Gervonta Davis to Fight Him

Rolando Romero looks towards Gervonta Davis.
Rolando Romero (left) and Gervonta Davis

Rolando Romero Feverishly Pursuing A Fight With Gervonta Davis

In a recent turn of events it appears that the winds of fortune are blowing in Rolando “Rolly” Romero’s (14-0, 12 KO’s) direction. The beneficial occurrence took the form of the WBA revising their list of champions. Due to a great deal of criticism of how many champions they have (along with accusations of corruption and racism) the WBA cleaned house in a major way. The first thing they did was eliminate all of their interim champions. That move directly affected Rolly as he was the interim lightweight champion.

Yet, when the WBA stripped their interim belt holders it was with the caveat that they would become the mandatory challenger for the standing champion in their division. In this case, that would mean Romero is now the mandatory challenger for regular champ Gervonta “Tank” Davis (25-0, 24 KO’s).

Rolly has been very eager to call out Tank in every camera put in his face these days. This was somewhat odd given that he had previously been stressing a fight with WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney. It’s odd because Haney was more than willing to oblige Romero in a title fight. Sadly this is when Romero got out of dodge and began calling for Tank.


In the sport of boxing there are a number of ways to become a tremendously popular attraction. Obviously knocking people out is and always will be a crowd favorite. Other fighters dazzle with their otherworldly skill. Then there are guys like Rolly who use their mouthpiece as their claim to fame.

Romero knows that outside of his silver tongue, his position at the negotiating table is far from the strongest. Yet ultimately, he doesn’t care because he is firm in his belief that his gift of gab and colorful dialogue is all he needs to make it to the top. This is exactly what he explained in a recent interview on The Mayweather Channel.

“I’ve reached the point where regardless of whether a belt or I don’t have a belt or whatever, I’m still the hottest bitch in the room every time I fight! So it doesn’t matter. I called out Gervonta after my last fight and now I am his mandatory because I am number one at the WBA.”


Prior to the WBA shake-up, from the outside looking in it didn’t look good for Romero getting the Davis fight. Tank has been trying to make big moves in the sport and build himself as a pay-per-view star. Simply put, Romero is just not the caliber of opponent that boxing fans want to pay for. Yet, now that Rolly has been placed in his path organically, Team Davis is likely to view this bout much more favorably.

The common consensus would hold this as an easy win for Tank. Therefore, he could seemingly grab one more quick payday, fight once more before the years end and ideally snag another highlight reel knockout. Of course this is not how Romero envisions the fight unfolding. Let the brash Las Vegas native tell it, Davis would just be his next victim and launching pad into championship status!

“I am the real champion because, the real champion, I’m going to fuck him up anyway. So I am the real champion, you know? Regardless of everything the interim champion, all it is, the real champion not wanting to fight you. Now that I am the mandatory, so that is what is going to happen. I hope it’s going to happen.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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