Rolando Romero Breaks Silence: “Being Honest, It Fucking Sucks!”

Rolando Romero taking professional bruises in stride

Rolando Romero speaking with the media at the Tank Davis fight press conference
Rolando Romero

Rolando Romero taking professional bruises in stride

Without question, one of the more animated and colorful personalities in the lightweight division is Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KO’s). While he might not be long on skill, the Vegas born and bred fighter knows how to run his mouth. In fact, many will argue that he basically finagled a bout with regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (25-0, 24 KO’s) merely by bumping his gums. In all actuality, Romero had secured the fight and was entering training camp.

That was all before a windfall of sexual allegations accusing Rolly of unacceptable behavior flipped him on his ear. Looking to play damage control, Showtime rapidly removed Romero from the card. Due to the abrupt nature of the shakeup, it’d be easy to predict that Romero would be livid about the turn of events and all but foaming at the moment. In reality though, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Rolly has accepted this reality with remarkable poise as he revealed with Fight Hype.

“Man, I’ll be honest with you, it fucking sucks! But it’s okay, something better is going to happen down the line regardless. And I am going to get him down the line, I am not going to stop pressing on the gas pedal. I’m going to get him! He [Tank Davis] is going to go over there, he’s going to knockout Pitbull Cruz [the replacement opponent] in a round or so and I am going to get him and I am going to knock him out in a fucking round!”

As far as Rolly is concerned, life is a waiting game. The situation with these allegations and potential upcoming litigation could throw a serious wrench into his professional game plan. So before he can realistically start plotting on his next bout, Romero would probably be better served tending to his legal matters.

By: Bakari Simpson

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