Ruiz: “I Want to Shut the Doubters Up and Prove Them Wrong!”

Andy Ruiz Can't Wait to Prove the First Fight Was No Fluke!

Andy Ruiz
Andy Ruiz

Andy Ruiz insists he is laser focused on the rematch!

With another press conference in the bag, it’s clear that Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr is ready for his rematch with Anthony “AJ” Joshua. The two will collide once more in Saudi Arabia on December 7.

When questioned on the matter, Ruiz did not waiver in the least on stating that he felt he would repeat his dynamic performance from June 1.


When Ruiz initially defeated Joshua to become unified heavyweight champion, he became the first Mexican heavyweight champion in history. Naturally, with this huge accomplishment, a tidal wave of notoriety, new fans and media appearances would consume him.

While in the midst of all that, the Destroyer bought a great many things such as cars, jewelry and a house for his mother.

To some, this was the natural automatic ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to his new position and financial well-being. For others, it was an indication that Ruiz was foolishly taking his eyes off the ball. The newly crowned multi-belt champion has taken it all in stride.

For his part the proud Mexican pugilist has opted to use all the commotion as fuel for the fire.

“A lot of people are saying that we are not taking it seriously just because I bought some ice. I bought my family a nice house, something that we’ve been dreaming about my whole life.

“Like I said, we’re focused man! I’m so focused. I don’t want to give these belts back to him.” ~Andy Ruiz Jr, WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion


Ruiz scoffs at the notion that he is not taking his position seriously. He also let it be known that he is already back in camp.

When he and Joshua first fought, the bout came on short notice. By accepting the match, Ruiz received no chance to engage in a full training camp. This time around, with a full camp, Ruiz believes he will be a bit slimmer and more problematic.

Going a bit further, the Mexican fighter actually believes that it is Joshua who is not mentally all there.

Immediately after the premiere bout, a whirlwind of speculation would come to surround AJ. One of the most prevalent positions was that, for whatever reason, Joshua was not solidly focused on his bout with Ruiz.

Some theories say that the UK superstar was knocked out in training camp. Further, there’s speculation his camp in South Beach was improper and that fighting outside of the UK had shaken him up.

Even AJ himself has claimed that his desire to fight WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was a major distraction. In the end, only AJ knows which, if any or all of these explanations played a role.

Ruiz did not weigh-in on what happened previously. However, he does think that AJ is still not properly zeroed in on their December 7 dust-up.

“Right now to this day, I feel he is still a little wrong in the head, you know? He’s still like, ‘Man, what the hell is happening’.

“I feel Eddie Hearn is pressuring him to do things that he doesn’t want to do. But you know what, this is part of the game you know, it’s part of the game.

“He has a second chance you know. Just because of one loss doesn’t mean it’s all over, you know? He can bounce back, but my job is for him not to bounce back and not to win my belts that I won from him.

“That’s why I still have that fire in me, that motivation, because there is still a lot of doubters out there and I just want to shut everybody up and prove them wrong. And of course give God all the glory”

Only time will tell if AJ is mentally and physically ready for this rematch. If he is not, then we can only expect for his career to plummet further down the dark rabbit hole that it is already tumbling down.

Assuming that he is sufficiently primed and poised for the “Clash on the Dunes” then the boxing public should be gifted one gem of a fight!

Regardless of what version of Joshua shows up, Ruiz is ready to shock the world again!

By: Bakari Simpson

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