Ruiz and Whyte Come in Heavy, Joshua 10lbs Lighter

Night of the Heavy Heavyweights

Anthony Joshua face off Right: Dillian Whyte and Mariusz Wach face off
Left: Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua face off Right: Dillian Whyte and Mariusz Wach face off

Night of the Heavy Heavyweights

One of the main reasons that few gave Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr (33-1, 22 KO’s) any chance of victory over Anthony “AJ” Joshua (22-1, 21 KO’s) was due to his body. Although highly skilled, Ruiz is shaped like a plastic bag full of raked-up autumn leaves. Conversely, the always brightly smiling Joshua looked like he just stepped off of muscle beach.


Most fight-watchers could not digest the sight of a fast-fisted, portly challenger belting the champion around the ring. Now, even having seen the spectacle firsthand, countless boxing fans continue counting Ruiz out based solely on his physical optics.

It was rumored that the endless talk about his girth had reach the Destroyers ears and was beginning to work on his mind. Before anyone knew it, the industry was filled with chatter regarding the champion slimming down in camp. Even his coach, Manny Robles stated in a few interviews that Ruiz was dropping pounds in their vigorous training camp.

Well, all that appears to either been a joke, a rouse or little bit of both! When Andy Ruiz stepped on the scales he tipped them to the tune of 283lbs. That’s a full 15lbs heavier than the first dust-up. AJ came in at a slim and trim 237lbs, which is 10lbs lighter than when they danced in New York City.


Andy Ruiz was not the only person to put added stress on the weight scales shoulders. When Dillian “Body Snatcher” Whyte (26-1, 18 KO’s) stepped on the scale, he came in at a solid 271lbs, which is also 15lbs heavier than when he last fought in July. The extra weight was clearly apparent around his muffin-topped waist line.

His next foe, Mariusz “The Viking” Wach (35-5, 19 KO’s), came in at 270lbs. The bout with Whyte will stand as Wach’s third fight in the past three months. The Viking picked up quick first and second round victories over Gogita Gorgiladze in September and then Giorgi Tamazashvili in October. Having sustained little to no wear and tear, Wach should come into the Whyte bout fit and sharp.

By: Bakari Simpson

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