Ryan Garcia: “Henry Cejudo Would Be The Easiest Fight”

Ryan Garcia talks up fighting Henry Cejudo

Ryan Garcia (left), Henry Cejudo
Ryan Garcia (left), Henry Cejudo

Ryan Garcia talks up fighting Henry Cejudo

Golden Boy Promotions top prospect Ryan “KingRy” Garcia 20-0, 17ko) is at it again looking to fight former UFC two-divisional champion Henry Cejudo (16-2, 8ko). This isn’t the first time the young prospect has exchanged words with the former UFC champion.

The 21-year-old California boxer exchanged words on social media with the former UFC champion before. It ended with him reminding Cejudo of what happened when fellow UFC champion Connor McGregor stepped into the boxing world and was knocked out by retired pound for pound superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Ryan Garcia warns Henry Cejudo about crossing into boxing
Ryan Garcia warns Henry Cejudo about crossing into boxing

In a recent interview with ESPN MMA’s Ariel Helwani , the young Golden Boy fighter was asked about his beef with the former two-divisional UFC champion.

“Henry is actually the name of my Dad! It’s funny so if I knock him out I feel like I am knocking out my Dad. But Henry Cejudo, if I do do it, it better be for like some crazy event. I think that would be the easiest fight I’ve ever had in my life, I am not even kidding.”

Helwani asked Garcia if he even knew anything about Cejudo. Kingry would go into detail about the first time he became aware of the UFC champion.

“The only time I seen him was the fight that he had, the last fight I think when UFC came back. I actually liked his hands a little bit. I wrote him a message, I was like ‘hey man you’re pretty good, don’t retire’.”

Garcia is referring to when the UFC champion announced his retirement in the Octagon after successfully defending the bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz. Cejudo won that match by a second-round devastating knockout back on May 9, 2020.

After seeing that, the undefeated Golden Boy fighter explained why a simple tweet kicked off the rivalry.

“I ended up tweeting that, and he ends up going crazy; I didn’t even call you out my guy! All I said was how would he do in a fight against me cause I thought his hands were good and he took it the wrong way. Now I am going to have to knock him out.”


Then came the ultimate question. If they were to fight, which would they do first: MMA or Boxing?

“What I told him I want to do both.”

Garcia would then add his final jab indicating the former UFC champion may need the money. He also added his thoughts regarding Cejudo if he survives in the Octagon.

“I think he needs a good payday so let’s do it over here first. Let’s get you some money, get you knocked out and then I will go to MMA and if you don’t knock me out in MMA then you’re a bum. I promise you, Henry Cejudo, if you don’t submit me or do whatever you gotta then you’re trash.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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