Claressa Shields To Laila Ali: “Speak Real Numbers”

Shields Tells Laila Ali: Speak Real Numbers While Revealing DM Message

Claressa Shields, Laila Ali (right)
Claressa Shields, Laila Ali (right)

Shields Tells Laila Ali: Speak Real Numbers While Revealing DM Message

Unified junior middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (10-0, 2ko), for most of the year, has been intertwined with former two-division champion Laila “She Bee Stingin” Ali (24-0, 21ko).

It has become a very public and heated back and forth from both women, stemming from interviews on live broadcast shows. There even seemed to be a possible fight brewing.

Recently, a fight that would have possibly made the unified Detroit champion a second undisputed champion against IBF champion Marie Eve Dicaire (17-0) was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has boxing in the corner whaling away looking for the knockout.

The unified champion has made it very clear that she welcomes a fight with Ali. Furthermore, she claims that she would knock out the former two-divisional champion.


The unified champion was recently interviewed by TMZ and of course, the topic of Ali came up. Shields went deep, saying this all started from her Ann Wolf comment and revealed private DM messages between the two of them.

“I am writing because I heard you on Sway, ‘not mad,’ I said what I said to anger you because you angered me with your words. I respect you and I am happy to start the flame, but I never said you weren’t a good boxer or not a good businesswoman.”

“So I feel like with all the media and etc we had a miscommunication somewhere, I don’t know when or where it started but I know I use to text and keep you up to date and ask for advice because I felt you were cool.”

The unified champion would make it clear the advice was concerning business, never boxing, before continuing.

“Some of your words hurt my feeling and that is why I responded the way I did. I said we can always talk or meet and figure it out. I will always feel I can beat you in a fight, as you feel you can beat me in a fight. That will never change, but that doesn’t mean we have to hate each other.”


According to T-Rex, there wasn’t a response from Ali until two months later and it blew her away.

“You are a real punk talking all that shit publicly but trying to make nice in private. You remind me of Ann Wolf’s coward ass but at least you’re willing to get in the ring. I am going to teach you a whole lot of things to make you a better fighter and person.”

“Lesson number one: Learn to shut your mouth about money being there, because it’s not there until it’s in an escrow account. You can keep acting like you’re a victim if you want to, like I came for you and called you out, but we both know you ran your mouth about something you don’t really want in your heart.”

“So just be patient and hopefully you will have the opportunity to try and knock me out, even though you’re not hurting these soft girls you have been fighting.”


Shields made it clear during the interview it was the women during Ali’s era that were soft and the energy is still the same, ending things with one final statement.

“Speak real numbers, That’s it. If you really want to fight, speak real numbers. I don’t have nothing else to say to you. Like one, my career keeps going, I got big paydays ahead of me, I don’t need Laila Ali, of course, we want the fight to happen but she gotta speak real numbers.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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