Wood vs Lara Undercard: Smith And Cully Win; Ruiz Upsets Yafai!

Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara: Undercard Bouts

Dalton Smith, Gary Cully and Diego Ruiz win on Wood vs Lara undercard
Dalton Smith, Gary Cully and Diego Ruiz win on Wood vs Lara undercard

Smith & Cully Stay Undefeated; Ruiz Upsets Yafai On Wood vs Lara Undercard!

Junior welterweight Dalton Smith (14-0, 10KO) cruised to victory against an over-matched Billy Allington (10-2-4). Smith established very early that he was the superior fighter by stalking the mobile Allington and scoring a knockdown in the fight. The hard-punching Smith was landing the right hand repeatedly as his opponent refused to go away. Allington fought in survival mode as Smith came forward looking to land one hard punch at a time. When the final bell sounded, one judge had it 120-107 with the other two scoring it 119-108 for Smith. 3Kings Boxing agrees with the first scorecard.


Lightweight Gary Cully (16-0, 10KO) ended the night early for Wilfredo Flores (10-1-1, 5KO). Cully was in control from the sound of the bel. He used that long, rangy jab that had Flores off balance. He then landed a straight left hand that dropped his opponent. Flores was on wobbly legs after getting up and was floored again before the referee stopped it in the second round. Cully has knocked out a fourth straight opponent and walked away with the WBA Inter-Continental title.


In a super bantamweight showdown, Diego Alberto Ruiz (24-6-1, 12KO) out-boxed and outgunned Gamal Yafai (19-3, 11KO). Ruiz took advantage of Yafai’s lack of head movement by scoring three knockdowns in the fight. Moreover, Ruiz couldn’t miss landing any punch from any angle and this kept his opponent on wobbly legs throughout the fight. When the final bell sounded, the judges’ scorecard were 98-89, 97-90, and 97-91, in favor of Ruiz. 3Kings Boxing had it 100-87 for Ruiz. This author believes its time for Yafai to have a come to Jesus moment and retire.

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