Errol Spence Jr: “Tunes-ups Are For People Unsure Of Themselves”

Errol Spence Continues to Shun Tune-ups

Errol Spence Jr trains for a fight
Errol Spence Jr trains for a fight Credit: Cooper Neill

Errol Spence Reiterates his Position on Tune-ups

IBF and WBC welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (27-0, 21 KO’s) entered the professional boxing arena with a fair amount of hype surrounding him. One of the biggest feathers in his cap was being endorsed by former boxing cash cow Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Yet, as his career developed he began displaying why he stepped in the game with all the high praise that he did. The Truth immediately began racking up impressive knockouts and then he famously traveled to the UK to dethrone Kell Brook to take his IBF title.

Spence would later scare and then shock the world. He pulled this off by getting in what should have been a career-ending, if not life-ending car accident. Not only did he sustain very little permanent damage, it was fairly quickly determined he would fight again. Being the go-for-the-gusto guy that he is, the Truth opted to forego any tune-ups and jumped right back in the deep end against Danny Garcia. It was a move that many felt was foolhardy. Paying these worry-filled thoughts no mind, Spence went on to fight and easily outclass Garcia.


In his next at bat, Spence will face the challenge of Super WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas (247-4, 12 KO’s) on April 16. Given the talent that the Cuban WBA champion brings to the table, this is a rather daunting task to say the least. Yet, once again, the Truth will seemingly enter the fight with a glaring handicap. This is because Spence suffered a retina tear for which he had to undergo surgery to repair.

The surgery was a success and everything seems to be on the up and up, but his duel with Ugas will be the first time that he tests the eye in actual combat. In a situation like this, the common thought (and more sensible thing to do) would be to take a tune-up fight to see how the eye holds up. Obviously, this is a notion that the Truth scoffs at. This is exactly why he is fighting Ugas and not a lesser opponent. It will be interesting to see if Spence can defy the odds in back-to-back bouts. No matter how the match plays out, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news!

Errol Spence reminds the boxing world of his tune-up policy

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