Spence to Garcia: “You’re Going to Wish You Listened to Your Brother…”

Errol Spence Promises a One-Sided Massacre

Errol Spence
Errol Spence

Errol Spence gets vocal at the final press conference

On March 16 live from Jerry’s World in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas we have the super fight between Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia for the IBF welterweight title.

During the final press conference things got a little heated. While Garcia spoke about his other opponents have said he was stronger and better than they thought, Spence interjected with:

“I’m not your other opponents! Quit talking about me like im one of them.”

At one point, he was adamant he would stop his opponent. His sentiments changed recently by him stating, “This wont be an easy fight. This is going to be a hard fight!” However, seeming a bit agitated throughout the entire press conference, he reverted back to his original mindset.

“This fight is gonna be a one sided massacre and you’re going to wish you listened to your brother and not take this fight!”

The usually quiet and laid back IBF champion was out of character for a moment. In addition, he has changed his mind twice on how this fight will go as Garcia has kept the same thought process.

Could Garcia have gotten into Spence’s head? Does the Dallas native feel disrespected that fans are actually giving a man moving up two-divisions a chance to take his title?

If the WBC lightweight champion indeed got under his skin, we will see if it plays out in the ring March 16!

BY: Jordan “Blake” Whitehead

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  1. Errol Spence is a little out of character, but I feel that’s normal considering the amount of pressure for Errol Spence coming into this fight being Texas his hometown, expectations, etc.

    Same for Mikey Garcia, he has a lot of pressure to win this career defining fight. All I can say fellas, this gonna be a great fight.

    Great article 👊🏿

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