Shakur Stevenson: “My Goal Is To Be Better Than Floyd Mayweather!”

Shakur Stevenson Divulges His Ultimate Goal!

Shakur Stevenson and Floyd Mayweather Jr
Shakur Stevenson and Floyd Mayweather Jr

Shakur Stevenson plans to outdo Floyd Mayweather

WBO featherweight champion Shakur “Fearless” Stevenson (13-0, 7KOs) has huge career aspirations as he heads back into the ring against Felix Caraballo (13-1-2, 9 KOs) on June 9.

Back in October of 2019 Stevenson killed two birds with one stone. He defeated rival Joet Gonzalez rather easily en route to winning his first world title.

Now he has turned his attention to even bigger goals as he continues on his young career. The 2016 Olympic silver medalist eyes a unification bout against IBF featherweight champion Josh “The Leeds Warrior” Warrington (30-0, 7KOs) either later this year or in 2021.

Beyond that he feels at this point in his career being 13-0 and a world champion, he’s better than Floyd “Money” Mayweather was when he was 13-0.


“I mean, I understand the comparison because if you watch Floyd’s career, as he got older and older he became like a real good defensive fighter…defensive wizard. I’m real good at that stuff too.

“So I understand it but I still feel like I’m the first Shakur Stevenson and I want to outdo Floyd. I think I’m what, 13-0 right now. I think I’m better than what Floyd was when he was 13-0, if I’m being honest.

“I think that I could outdo him.

“What is he, 50-0? I could outdo that. I want to go past that, that’s my goal. So I want to outdo him.

“Floyd is like the greatest fighter I came up watching. Like Floyd is the greatest fighter from what I got to see, but I just want to be better.”


“Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff in Floyd’s game that I done watched and took with me. Like I said, he’s one of the greatest fighters to ever do it and I respect his boxing game a lot.

“How to control distance with my feet. I feel like Floyd controlled distance with his feet real good and I think I do that just as good as him.”

It’s clear that the New Jersey native is determined to become as great as he can possibly be, while also pursuing the ultimate goal of surpassing one of boxing’s greatest fighters ever!

Only time will reveal what’s to become of the career of the young WBO champ. One things for sure is he’s certainly skilled enough to become a boxing great himself and he’s starting off on great path!

Could Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan become boxing’s analogy for Stevenson and Mayweather?!

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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