Tyson Fury Stands by Choice of Otto Wallin!

Sensitive Soul Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

Sensitive Soul Tyson Fury

Without question, Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury is a man of many faces. At times we have seen him loud and boisterous. When under this guise, Fury often talks rambunctiously. He will commonly call out every name in the book and profess his unyielding dominance. On other occasions the Gypsy King has presented a more subdued and reflective version of himself. This is typically his demeanor whenever Fury discusses his trials and tribulations when combating his depression and chemical addictions.


When conducting a recent interview with IFL TV, Fury appeared to come off as a somewhat sensitive soul. The UK native responded to questions regarding criticism for facing upcoming opponent Otto Wallin by feigning ignorance. Fury and Wallin will lock horn this Saturday September 14 on ESPN. The boxing public at large has shown little interest for the bout thus far.

According to Fury, because he doesn’t frequent any social media platform, he was unaware of any ill statements. Once brought up to speed on the general consensus, Fury would share his feelings about a few comments Eddie Hearn had made.

“Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua they’ve got their own careers, and their own jobs. Why are they bothered about mine? Who I’m fighting or who I’m not fighting, what does it have to do with them? Absolutely nothing […] just be happy for me because just 18 months ago I was in a terrible place about to commit suicide. So if that’s not inspiration enough to people, or for some idiot like Eddie Hearn to talk negative about me, you know I think I’ve done quite a lot for people. So they’ve got no need to speak negative. If I fight Fred Flinstone, what’s it to do with Eddie Hearn or Anthony Joshua really?” ~Tyson Fury


Rather than jump into his salesman bag, or bark back, the Gypsy King supplied an oddly coy response. Rather than deal with the quality of boxer that Wallin is, Fury wondered out loud why Hearn would speak negatively against him. Obviously, Tyson Fury was ignoring the fact that he was recently in the media lampooning the other heavyweights. He achieved this end by calling them all a bunch bums and dosers who he could easily defeat.

Here, while bobbing around in a swimming pool, Fury believed that his recovery from mental despair should be enough to shield him from any such criticism. In fact, at no point in the piece did Fury ever defend or attempt to justify Wallin based upon any merit. Instead, Fury claimed that Eddie Hearn was simply a ‘dream killer’ because all Wallin was doing was following his dream. Which is a curious retort to say the least.

“What Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn is trying to say is, ‘anybody who’s got a dream don’t follow it because you’re not going to make it’. Is that the dream killers? Are they advising people not to follow their dreams? Because Otto Wallin is following his?” ~Tyson Fury

Underneath it all, it appears that Otto Wallin in a rather paltry choice for an opponent and Fury recognizes it. Not wanting to address the actual reality of the situation, the Gypsy King chose the more disappointing route of deflection. In the end, the best thing that Fury could say about Wallin was that he was blonde and sexy. Obviously, these are not the type of descriptions boxing fans are looking when researching a particular boxer in question!

For those who don’t know who Wallin is, we shall all find out on Saturday when he and Fury collide in Las Vegas. The predictable result is for Fury to win another easy match, as he did when he fought the woefully over-matched Tom Schwarz on June 15. That bout was also located in Las Vegas.

“But even Deontay Wilder is very irrelevant to me. Let him continue with his acting career, with his TV show and that’s it. I’m not really interested at all. The only person I care about, or bother about at the moment is a specific tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, sexy little mother fucker called Otto Wallin!” ~Tyson Fury

By: Bakari Simpson

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