Dillian Whyte Remains Mum on Reported PED Use!

Dillian Whyte Elects To Let The Legal Battle Play Out

Dillian Whyte
Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte and Matchroom Undergoing Media Blackout!

At the moment, all that we do know is that Dillian Whyte was flagged by UKAD on July 17 for a drug infraction. As a result, Dillian Whyte attended a covert hearing on the matter where he was cleared to fight Oscar Rivas on July 20. Who was at that meeting, what was addressed and the rationale for how they came to their conclusion all remains a mystery.


So, while it’s true that all the official information has yet to be heard, it’s also true that Matchroom, Dillian Whyte and UKAD are looking very suspect.

Since his failed drug test has come to light Whyte, his promoter Eddie Hearn and UKAD have been silent as a prayer in a church for the deaf! UKAD has said nothing. Hearn has uttered a lot of words but said very little of any relevant substance. Outside of repeating “he was cleared to fight,” Hearn has not committed to anything.

“Prior to the fight taking place there was a hearing during the week of the fight where Dillian Whyte had to provide information. He was cleared and approved to take part in the contest… It wasn’t like he failed the test and they said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ They had a hearing.”

Eddie Hearn – Matchroom Boxing Director

Somewhat surprisingly, when Hearn provided an interview to IFL TV days after the clandestine hearing, he claimed to still be “in the dark” on most of the information. Given that this is currently the biggest scandal in the sport, it’s rather difficult to believe that he would not be abreast of the pertinent details.

“Again, I don’t have the information, people said there is a B-sample being tested next week, I’m not aware of that. Again, I think that’ll be addressed in Dillian Whyte’s sample.

All I’m aware of is the fact that there was a hearing to determine whether Dillian Whyte should be allowed to fight for the information provided and that hearing took place and he was cleared to fight.”

Eddie Hearn – Matchroom Boxing Director


Finally, on July 26, nearly ten days after initially being notified about the adverse findings, Whyte has taken to his Twitter page. Like Hearn, however, he essentially announced that his lips were legally sealed. The only facts that he did offer was that he had obtained legal representation to handle the matter.

“I am so disappointed with the rubbish that has been said about me over the last few days.

I have lawyers dealing with it and I have been told that I can’t talk about it for good legal reasons. I was cleared to fight and I won that fight fair and square. Thanks for the support.”

Dillian Whyte – WBC #1 Contender

The huge elephant in the room is that fact that no one has said once: ‘Whyte didn’t pop dirty,’ or ‘in the end, Whyte will be vindicated,’ or even ‘this is all a mix up that will be explained later.’


Nothing like that at all has been said. The official mantra has remained, “something was found and Whyte was cleared to fight,” end of story.

What makes the situation even more tainted is the fact that neither Team Rivas, nor the WBC, were informed about the failed drug test, the cloak-and-dagger hearing or the significant details about the ruling.

Once again, if he was caught dirty then the opposing team has a right to know before the fight. ALso, if he didn’t get flagged justifiably, if he really is innocent of all charges, why all the shadowy behavior and hushed talks?

“At the time of the publication of this Release, the WBC has not received any notification from anyone about a positive anti-doping test allegedly yielded by Dillian Whyte in connection with last Saturday’s fight against Oscar Rivas for the WBC Interim Heavyweight Championship.

“The WBC has requested that the BBBofC, as the local, governing entity that oversaw that fight, formally provide any available information to the WBC.”

Statement From The WBC

3kingsboxing will continue to cover this evolving story and provide all the latest updates.

By: Bakari Simpson

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