World Boxing Super Series Denies Media Reports On Groves/Smith

Super Middleweight finals decision not official 

Contrary to some media reports that have appeared in the media yesterday, Comosa AG would like to clarify that decisions related to the World Boxing Super Series Tournament are exclusively taken at a top management and/or company board level. No advisory panel or external entities support Comosa AG in respect to any business and sporting decision.

With regards to the Ali Trophy Super-Middleweight final, as per the press release recently distributed, Comosa AG are now employing two independent highly qualified orthopedic specialists to give medical opinions on Mr. Groves’ physical condition.

Once again, as per the previous press release, the official decision in relation to the super Middle Weights final will be announced by Comosa AG on the World Boxing Super Series channels, in due course.

Press Release by the World Boxing Super Series 

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