Y.D.K.S.A.B.: A Light Hearted Look At Our Sport And Social Media

The Philly Philosopher Say’s Y.D.K.S.A.B.!


Oscar promoted Wilder first 33 fights and says he would be a star now if he were still with him. My only question is how in 33 fights all kos you couldnt do with Wilder what Hearn did with AJ in 12? The world may never know…..

Miguel Cotto picked a rotten cherry last night lol Sadam didn’t get the message he was supposed to lose and watch Cotto sail into the sunset but noooooo ctfu smh. Either way hes still a legend and IMO a hof who had an illustrious career. Farewell #WarCotto

This just in! Scientific studies for dumbasses prove Manny Pacquiao is not only faster than Bruce Lee he’s a blistering 2x faster with far superior hand eye coordination, can leap tall buildings in a single bound and is stronger than a speeding locomotive..oh wait that’s superman right? Or is it let Pacs fans tell it there’s no difference lol

BOO BOO DAMN ANDRADE!!! Cmoooooon bro what in the hell is up with your career. I make excuses for you so much but it ends now bro; Lara, Charlo’s, Canelo, GGG all guys you claimed to wanna fight. You moved to 160 I think “oh Boo Boo chasing charlo Nelo GGG” but noooo you’ve backed out of yet another fight!! Wtf for man? is your career gonna end up “boo boo”? I hope not, shame to see that talent go to waste.

Oh yeah I saw this posted on social media;

Top 10 boxers of all time

1.Floyd Mayweather

2. Adrian Broner ( now see at this point I stopped reading :/  but for the readers…)

3.Roy Jones

4.Mike Tyson

5.Terence Crawford

6.Lennox Lewis

7.Evander Holyfield

8.Zab Judah

9.Canelo Alvarez

10.Roger Mayweather

I can’t even begin to tell you guys everything wrong with that list but you could take AB off and we still aint got shit to speak about ctfu wtf smh I got a headache…


By: Chris Walker (The Philly Philosopher)

*Disclaimer: The views expressed do not represent 3KingsBoxing.com and are not intended to purposely hurt anyone but are intended for comical purposes only

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