Bob Arum: “Canelo Deserves the Franchise Tag!”

Bob Arum Speaks on the WBC "Franchise Champion"

Bob Arum, Canelo Alvarez and Eddie Hearn
From left to right: Bob Arum, Canelo Alvarez and Eddie Hearn.

Bob Arum and Eddie discuss the new “Franchise Champion” tag.

Boxing’s legendary promoter Bob Arum alongside UK promoter Eddie Hearn was very candid about the WBC franchise tag.

Both promoters would have a good exchange concerning this move during the Jose Ramirez vs Maurice Hooker post fight press conference.

The ageless Arum begins the subject of a mandatory not always getting their shot at a title.

“This has happened in boxing. You don’t automatically get shots. The mandatory system is not designed for that anymore.”

Hearn would interject asking the Top Rank head honcho,

“Do you agree that if your a franchise champion and you get beat you should remain franchise champion?”

Arums replied,

“Right or fight for another organization. For Christ sake there are three organizations! There is plenty of opportunities. Don’t bother Canelo.

“He is the face of boxing! He’s the only freaking guy DAZN has that can move the needle as far as subscriptions. Let him fight who he chooses to fight.

“I don’t think they should make franchise willy nilly, but Canelo deserves the franchise tag.”

When it was suggested that Canelo deserves the franchise tag because of popularity, Arum would elaborate saying:

“Also because of his body of work and because he’s the only freaking fighter in that division (middleweight) who can move the needle, I think that counts for something.”

Agree or disagree? You have to admit he has a very valid point. Boxing has always had that one figure in the sport where, to a certain degree, is above the normal rules.

Given how in today, social media plays an even bigger role in the ability to reach a wider audience in order to promote fights on a larger scale.

Although fans and pundits will agree with the Top Rank head honcho about not just giving that tag to anyone, its still going to be hard to decipher the language on how or when it should be applied.

By: Garrisson Bland

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