Bob Arum “Got a Kick” Out of Gloria Allred’s Presser!

Bob Arum entertained by Gloria Allred Presser

Bob Arum and Gloria Allred
Bob Arum laughs-off Gloria Allred's presser.

Bob Arum laughs off, enjoys Gloria Allred’s attempt to get a harsher punishment for Kubrat Pulev.

While granting an interview to IFL TV, Bob Arum of Top Rank gave his take on the legal woes that his heavyweight fighter Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev was going through. Arum clearly displayed his belief that what Jenny Ravalo experienced does not qualify as legitimate sexual harassment.

The veteran promoter did not deny that sexual harassment existed, nor did he deny that it was a serious problem. He simply did not think that what Ravalo experienced fit the bill.

“Sexual harassment is a real problem, you and I know that. But what happened here and the way it’s been blown out of law proportion tends to trivialize real sexual harassment.”

Ravalo’s legal team took extreme offense when the video of Arum’s sentiments went live on June 15. The result was a formal press conference with Allred demanding an extension of Pulev’s suspension beyond the original six months. In another interview conducted by IFL TV, Arum gave his latest thoughts on Allred’s request for a harsher penalty.

“Well, Gloria Allred, the attorney for the lady involved, forgot that in the Unites States we still adhere to the first amendment. So, my opinions and comments are certainly not eligible for sanction and are protected by the Constitution of the United States.

“So I got a kick out of her press conference. It shows really the desperation on her part. […] So, I expect that his license will be fully restored at a July 22 meeting of the commission.”

No Worries

Clearly, the comments did not bother Arum! To begin, he once more made sure to highlight that sexual harassment is a vicious problem that must be addressed. Having said this, the Top Rank founder appeared almost gleeful in his explanation of how his words, under the first amendment, would likely accrue no serious repercussions.

Arum concluded with a prediction that Pulev would receive a license to fight on July 22. He was confident because The Cobra has already satisfied all the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s stipulations.

By: Bakari Simpson

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