“Atlanta, We Have ‘The Problem'”

“The Problem” is “A Problem”

As most pugilism fans know by now once again former four division world champion Adrien Broner was involved in an incident at an Atlanta mall that resulted in the police being called and Broner being forcibly removed by a police officer and security guard out of the mall. And once again Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook boxing community’s were a blaze concerning the man known inside the squared circle as “The Problem”.

Original reports claimed that the incident involved Broner grabbing a woman’s private parts, however after investigating the situation I personally believe as of now that to be a false report started by an obsure YouTuber in an attempt to garner views for his channel. The Atlanta police department has also stated no arrest report on file.

What’s sad however is the fact that due to his past indescresions bolstered by last weeks childish rants that went viral, it was so easy for people to just believe that the rumor was reality without much of a second thought(myself included). How did it come to this? It’s simple, the answer lies directly within the “The Problem”, a man only 61 days from what possibly could be his last chance at a future title shot, his enablers and his lack of personal responsibility for his poor choices.

The fact the phrase “Focused Broner” is even something one often hears concerning Adrien should be enough for anyone to question just how far he has fallen in the eyes of the Boxing world and how far he will have to climb to redeem himself in those said eyes. Thats “The Problem” now can Adrien find the answer?



Adrien Broner was arrested for Misdemeanor Sexual Battery according to the Fulton County Jail (Atlanta) and his bond hearing is scheduled for 9am EST.


Mugshot Courtesy of the Fulton County Jail

Statement issued by the Atlanta PD:

“On February 12, 2018 Atlanta Police Units were dispatched to 3393 Peachtree Road in reference to a sexual battery. Upon arrival, units spoke with the victim who advised that she had been inappropriately groped by a male later identified as Mr. Adrien Broner. Mr. Broner denied the accusations and after being interviewed was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and transported to Fulton County Jail without incident. At this time there is no additional information to provide regarding this case.”


By: Mal akhi B. Yosef #BClefthook