Selina Barrios Returns September 22 in Texas

Barrios hopes to put on another one-punch knockout performance in return

Selina Barrios (4-0, 2KOs) and Patricia Juarez (4-0, 0 KOs) will face-off in the squared circle on September 22 in Corpus Christi for the NABF Female Lightweight Title.

Someone’s “O” has got to go in what should be a fascinating matchup.

Barrios, also known as the Aztec Queen, is a “tough as nails,” “come at you” type of fighter. She is not the most defensively sound, but she sure packs a punch.

Barrios  gained recognition after her devastating one-punch knockout of the champion defeated Aida Satybaldinova in July. She will most likely look for the KO in this fight to keep the momentum going.

Juarez is a tough prospect and can hold her own in the ring. She will not let the hype behind her opponent get in her way on the path to a world title.

She is related to the current WBC bantamweight champion, Mariana Juarez and will be looking to capture her own title. Juarez also has an aggressive style so expect this fight to be up close and personal.

She might not have a KO to her name yet, but she tends to overwhelm her opponents by throwing a high volume of punches.

This is a fight you will not want to miss.

It’s an infrequent occasion that two top prospects face each other so early in their careers. This can be a determining fight for both fighters, but also an opportunity for the loser of the contest to focus in on their flaws and fine-tune their strategy.

Their weaknesses will be exposed. Both fighters have a bright future in the sport and don’t be surprised if they face each other again down the road.

By: Cesar Rivas

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