Joshua Buatsi Destroys Daniel Dos Santos Via Fourth Round KO!

Joshua Buatsi remains undefeated in impressive showing with Daniel Dos Santos

Joshua Buatsi
Joshua Buatsi

Joshua Buatsi remains undefeated in impressive showing with Daniel Dos Santos

In his latest performance, UK light heavyweight contender Joshua Buatsi (14-0, 12 KO’s) remained undefeated in an impressive performance. In his latest at bat, Buatsi successfully saddled Daniel Dos Santos (15-1, 8 KO’s) with his first professional loss. Even worse, he did this by way of brutal fourth round knockout. For those familiar with the Ghanaian-born talent, the win was not very surprising. Buatsi has garnered the attention of the many in the boxing world for quite some time now. He is currently ranked #2 (WBA), #3 (IBF), #6 (WBC) and #7 (WBO).

This victory came seven months after his last conquest of Marko Calic, who he also toppled by way of knockout. The bout with Calic snapped a 14-month COVID-19 induced period of in activity for the normally very busy fighter. The Calic bout also provided its own drama and adversity for Buatsi, who suffered a broken orbital bone. Not only did Buatsi pick up the nasty impediment, he did so early in the third round.

Despite acquiring the injury that has led many fighters to quit, the Ghanaian made up in his mind he would not yield to the pain. After suffering with the wound for four rounds, Buatsi forced Calic’s corner to throw in the towel in the seventh. Following that prizefight, seeking to change a few things, Buatsi switched trainers and aligned himself with famed chief second Virgil Hunter.

Even before, and after the Calic dustup, Buatsi’s name has regularly been linked to WBA World Light Heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol (18-0, 11 KO’s). For quite some time now, Buatsi has been considered to be a viable opponent for the WBA champion. Naturally, with his most recent win in the books, Buatsi will seek to press the issue to secure his first full world title shot.


Right out the gate, Buatsi put Dos Santos on the defensive with a thumping double jab. Not liking the aggression of his opponent, Dos Santos quickly got on his back foot and spent the majority of the round slinking along the ropes. Buatsi continued pumping the effective jab to the face and stabbing the stomach as well. Just inside the first minute of the second round, Buatsi put Dos Santos on the canvas with an overhand right. The Frenchman made it to his feet but spent the remainder of the round scampering from this corner to that one looking for safety.

In the first minute of the third, Dos Santos managed to land a solid right uppercut that Buatsi ate well. Over the course of the next minute, the Frenchman stood his ground and threw a number of meaningful shots. Trouble was, none of them sank into pay dirt. Meanwhile, the Ghanaian continued stalking his prey and assaulting his torso with a barrage of impactful body shots. While tied up, Dos Santos scooped Buatsi’s feet from beneath him, dumping him on the canvas. Once back on his ten toes, Buatsi got in has face talking wolfishly. Both fighters were admonished at length by the ref Victor Loughlin.


In the fourth round, the fight continued the established pattern of Buatsi chasing Dos Santos around the ring. Then, like a streak of lightning, the Ghanaian briefly turned his opponent’s brain off with a looping right hand that detonated on his chin. The nasty shot was setup by a beautiful body feint that Dos Santos bit hard on. Adding insult to injury, Buatsi nailed Dos Santos with a follow up right hook as his limp body curled sideways to the canvas. After seeing his body bend like hot rubber, referee Loughlin instantly called the bout off. Even Buatsi himself looked shocked like a kid that accidently broke his mother’s favorite vase when he saw how Dos Santos flopped to his feet.

In a show of good sportsmanship, Virgil Hunter held Daniel Dos Santos’ hands after he immediately began crying when he regained consciousness and realized that he had been so badly ravaged. Even Buatsi came over and gave his vanquished foe a hug in almost apologetic fashion. Without a question, Joshua Buatsi is a serious problem in the division!

By: Bakari Simpson

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