Catterall On BBB Of C: “I’m Losing Confidence In Them. It’s Sickening!”

Jack Catterall Unimpressed with BBB of C Investigation

Jack Catterall disheartened by controversial scorecards loss to Josh Taylor
Jack Catterall disheartened by controversial scorecards loss to Josh Taylor

Jack Catterall Sickened by BBB of C Chief’s Position on Josh Taylor Fight

Normally, when one is a victim of a crime, and that infraction is taken to court, the ultimate goal of the wronged party is justice. This is what one would typically think. Following this line of logic, super lightweight fighter Jack “El Gato” Catterall (26-1, 13 KO’s) should be ecstatic that the British Boxing Board of Control (BBB of C) has launched a formal investigation into the scoring of his last dust-up.

During that confrontation, Catterall challenged undisputed lightweight champion Josh Taylor. An overwhelming number of people felt he beat the champion. Unfortunately for him, El Gato would suffer a crushing split decision loss. In an attempt to quell the displeasure of the disgruntled masses. the BBB of C put the investigation in motion.


Understandably, Catterall is still reeling from the aftermath of the match. Sadly, for him, his family and team, the current investigation provides him zero mirth or hope. That is because it already has been revealed that no matter what happens with the investigation, the final decision absolutely will remain the same. Naturally, Catterall felt rubbed the wrong way hearing this frustrating news.

“After listening to Robert Smith then again, it’s sickening. I’ve got a lot of respect for Rob and the British Boxing Board, but I’m losing confidence in them now. Robert Smith saying the fight was close – there’s not one other person, promoter, journalist, broadcaster, fight fan who even had it remotely close. For him to say the fight was close, it just sickens me.”

Perhaps El Gato will appreciate the symbolism of the investigation later, but for now it is providing him no peace.

“You heard Robert Smith then say the decision isn’t going to be overturned. That was something I’ve worked for 18 years – for my family, for my legacy. It was life-changing what would’ve come off the back of that – huge PPV fights. It’s all just been dragged from underneath me now.

I find myself now back down the pecking order, back in square one, where I was two, three years ago, not knowing what the future holds.”


Directly after the bout, and in the days following, Taylor insisted that he felt the right man won. It’s hard to believe that he still feels so confident. In fact, he even offered Catterall a hollow rematch but only if they fought at welterweight.

Yet, if they fought at 147, then Taylor’s coveted titles would not be at stake which makes no sense for Catterall. So, at the moment, it appears that both the victor and vanquished found no glory or gain in their highly anticipated title fight. Let’s see how these bruisers attempt to bounce back.

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