Braekhus To Shields: “Get Back To Me When You Sell PPVs!”

Claressa Shields and Cecilia Braekhus Are At It Again

Cecila Braekhus scowls at Claressa Shields who smiles back
Cecilia Braekhus (left) and Claressa Shields.

Claressa Shields and Cecilia Braekhus blast each other again!

Unified junior middleweight champion Claressa “T-rex” Shields (10-0, 2ko) and former undisputed welterweight Cecilia “First Lady” Braekhus (36-1, 9ko) are back at it on social media.

The feud between Shields and the former undisputed champion has been ongoing since 2019. At the time, the Michigan native became the second undisputed women’s champion in boxing history by defeating then WBO middleweight champion Christina Hammer (26-1, 12ko). Braekhus took to social media retweeting a poll asking fans who should she fight next. The fans overwhelmingly picked Shields. Furthermore after being called out by Shields, the Braekhus accepted the challenge in an interview with TMZ.

“It would be a huge fight and I would love to beat Claressa Shields.”

Since then the First Lady went a different path signing with DAZN and setting things up for a future showdown with undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor. However, this didn’t go over well with Shields who went on a verbal assault against Braekhus’ claims of getting a better deal.

T-rex still wants to get in the ring with the First lady, hence why she has gone down to junior middleweight and is on course to becoming an undisputed champion in two weight divisions. This providing she is successful in defeating undefeated Canadian and IBF champion Marie Eve Dicaire March 5.


Braekhus would lose the undisputed crown to Jessica “CasKilla” McCaskill in August 2020. A rematch clause is in play and the two will lock horns again at the American Airlines Center, in Dallas, Texas on March 13.

Shields is burning those twitter fingers on social media from a statement by CasKilla claiming to have called out the Michigan native. We can confirm that during an interview on the 3kingsboxing podcast McCaskill did indeed say they called her out.

Well by now, we all know what happened next. Once word got to the unified junior middleweight champion there was no holding back.

Claressa Shields tweets Jessica MacCaskill has never tried to fight her
Claressa Shields calls Jessica McCaskill a liar.

Furthermore, the unified champion would also point out that her fight for the junior middleweight undisputed crown was on FiteTV PPV. She also referred to both McCaskill and Braekhus as “B level fighters!”

Braekhus got wind of this and immediately hit back about with her Pay-Per-View accolades. Which resulted in the self-proclaimed “Greatest Woman Of All-Time” taking a shot about the First Lady losing the undisputed crown.

Cecilia Braekhus tweets Claressa Shields she has been selling PPV events
Cecilia Braekhus tells Claressa Shields she has been selling PPV events.


Claressa Shields tweets Cecilia Braekhus to focus on getting her belts back
Claressa Shields tells Cecilia Braekhus to focus on getting her belts back.

By: Garrisson Bland

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