Cletus Seldin vs Yves Ulysses Jr Recap & Results

Ulysses Whitewashes The Hammer


In the opening bout tonight on the Billy Joe Saunders and David Lemieux card on HBO Yves Ulysses Jr., of Canada, easily outboxed previously unbeaten Cletus Seldin of New York.

From the very beginning of the fight Ulysses gave Seldin issues with his movement. In the first Ulysses was able turn Seldin and get him a little off balance while landing a right hand that dropped Seldin. In the second round it was more of the same with Ulysses making Seldin look amateurish and dropping him again with another right hand. By the third round the difference in skills was very apparent with Seldin following his opponent around rather than cutting off the ring. Ulysses would drop him again in the third with another sharp right.

By the fifth round the fight was so one-sided that it appeared Seldin would need a knockout or several knock downs to have any chance of winning the fight. Seldin to his credit kept coming trying to close the distance but with very little success. The seventh was arguably the worst round of boxing in years as Seldin clearly frustrated by Ulysses and his movement. The New York native began to mock to his opponent as to say why don’t you stand there and let me hit you.

In the eighth Ulysses began to measure Seldin with his left and landing his right and it just seemed like Seldin knew it was coming, but couldn’t do anything about it. Ulysses had his way in the fight doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

All in all It was easy pickings for the Canadian as he won 99-88 on all three scorecards to get an unanimous decision. Ulysses improved his record to 15-1 with 9 KO’s while giving Seldin his first loss as a professional. Ulysses should move on to bigger fights and better opportunities while Seldin needs to return to the gym to work on quite a few apparent flaws.

By: Wilson Urena

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