Tevin Farmer: “I’ll Beat All Y’all The F**k Up! Just Wait Your Turn!”

Tevin Farmer Responds to All That Call Him Out!

Tevin Farmer
Tevin Farmer

Tevin Farmer Responds to Multiple Challenges Over Social Media!

IBF super featherweight champion Tevin Farmer has plenty of people looking to fight him lately via social media.

The 28 year-old fighter from Philadelphia has consistently shown an eagerness to unify, even calling out WBA regular champion Andrew Cancio. However, as of late there has been serious back-and-forth with Scott Quigg and Joseph Diaz Jr.

When asked about a potential fight with Farmer, Quigg stated:

“It’s a fight I would jump at!”

Which prompted the southpaw fighter to respond by tweeting:

“I’ma beat all y’all TF [the fuck] up! Just wait your turn!”

Diaz Jr. also tweeted on the topic:

“I don’t know why Farmer won’t accept the fight May 4th. It’s a great fight that the fans want to see and it’ll be on the biggest stage in boxing right now on the Canelo card.

“Someone knock some sense into him.”

The always-vocal fighter wouldn’t let this go unanswered, as he responded with two very pinpointed comments.

“You don’t call shots. I’m the champ. I call the shots. I don’t give a f*** who’s card your on. If we did fight. I’ll be on my card! FOH [fuck outta here]!

“Go fight Gary Russell Jr. again!

“I guess everyone forgot when I was the one calling everybody out and no one gave me a shot. They gave me they A** to kiss. I guess it sucks being on the other side.”

Now, in defense of the champion, taking the fight with Diaz Jr. would have only allowed him a 6-week training camp considering his last fight; a third successful title defense, was in March.

While we wait to see how things unfold, it’s safe to say that when these guys do meet, it will gain the attention of the entire boxing community!

By: Garrisson Bland

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