Figueroa KOs Escandon in 10

Brandon Figueroa
Brandon Figueroa

Brandon Figueroa vs Oscar Escandon

The main event in Ontario: a bantamweight clash featuring Brandon Figueroa (16-0) vs Oscar Escandon (25-4).

This fight started off surprisingly fast! While Escandon is naturally is an aggressive fighter, Figueroa usually starts slow. Tonight, he aggressively jabbed and looked to follow early. It seemed this fast start was due to a good training camp and recovery from shoulder surgery.

The second round started more conventionally, but sped up quickly due to the aggressiveness of Escandon. Although the round was extremely competitive, Figueroa edged it with his quicker hands and sharper shots.

Going into the third, both fighters maintained the frenetic pace in the pocket. This allowed Escandon to get opportunities even though his opponent looked comfortable. Escandon was warned for low blows and Brandon received a cut over his left eye from a headbutt.

Going into the fourth, the fight turned more technical; allowing Figueroa to utilize his jab more. He finally showed he could hurt Escandon; stunning him along the ropes, as the longer distance seemed to help him gain more leverage on his shots. This adjustment seemed to change the tenor of the fight as Figueroa visibly hurt Escandon. Escandon, however, did answer at the end of the round.

The fight continued with the same ebb and flow that favored Figueroa. He landed the cleaner, more effective shots even though Escandon remained game and seemed to welcome the challenge. In the 10th and final round, both fighters came out swinging for the fences. Escandon, obviously down on the cards, went for broke. Unfortunately, he was met with a violent uppercut that settled matters. He hit the canvas and the ref decided to forego the count.

By: Corey Cunningham

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