Floyd Mayweather Said Sugar Ray Leonard Started Their “Feud”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you know about the exchange of words between Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Leonard that took place over the holidays. The barbs between the two happened on Instagram.


The incident had boxing’s social media culture in a frenzy as it gave the detractors of Mayweather another chance to express their disdain for the former P4P king. Even some supporters of his had issues with his “attack on a legend” but others said “well Leonard came at him first”, and now Floyd himself has echoed those statements has he told FightHype:

“Remember the thing with Sugar Ray Leonard, this didn’t start with me. He started it with me, meaning, I seen Sugar Ray Leonard in the lobby of the Fountain Blue hotel and we talked and we was communicated because you know I take my hat off to legendary fighters.”

“This is what Sugar Ray Leonard did. He was on a photo with Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson, he was been catty, he was taking some shots. He said you don’t know what we’re laughing at. He spoke on something, then he spoke on something else. Then the last thing I think he spoke about was saying it could be the McGregor-Mayweather fight. So that was taking shots at me. I told him you Sugar, but I’m TBE.”

There were other exchanges between the two on Leonard’s Instagram account as well as Floyd went on to call both Leonard and Thomas Hearns “easy work” and Leonard replied by telling him how he beat his dad by KO and would’ve done the same with Mayweather Jr.


The debate as to who would win between Leonard and Mayweather is one of the hottest topics on internet boxing forums and this exchange of words does absolutely nothing to settle that debate but it sure does stir the emotions both ways.


By: Chris Henderson 

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