Warren On Fury/Farmer Incident: “His Story Is Total Bullshit!”

Frank Warren Dismisses Out On Farmer's Claim He Was Paid Off!

Frank Warren, Martin Carefoot and Tyson Fury
From left to right: Frank Warren, Martin Carefoot and Tyson Fury.

Frank Warren and the WBC Back Tyson Fury Over Farmer’s Claim 

Ring/WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury’s (30-0, 21ko) win over the former champion and arguably the hardest puncher in Heavywieght history puncher Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1, 41ko) was undoubtedly the most gratifying moment of his career!

However, instead of being able to ride off and enjoy the spoils of victory, the new WBC champion’s camp is dealing with a controversial statement from British farmer Martin Carefoot who claims of being paid to lie about a 2015 UKAD doping issue.

In February 2015, both Tyson and his cousin/fellow heavyweight Hughie Fury tested positive for the banned steroid Nandrolone. It was reported this substance was the result of eating a wild boar. The farmer has told the Daily Mail he was paid to lie about a statement acknowledging he supplied the animal in question by a member of Fury’s camp.

However, Queensbury Promotions head honcho Frank Warren spoke with UK newspaper The Sun and denies that anything that the farmer said is true. Although, keep in mind that Warren wasn’t involved with team Fury back in 2015.

“This man wrote me a letter last October, full of errors, asking for money. I told him to clear off and take it up with UK anti-doping, instead he has clearly sold his story to a newspaper instead.

“Tyson has never ever met this man and his story is total bullshit!”

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman also spoke with the British newspaper giving a vote of full confidence in support of the British champion with the following statement.

“Personally, I prefer to believe Tyson Fury ahead of someone who has already admitted to lying in legal documents for financial gain. The person who has claimed he accepted money to lie should be the one on trial, in my personal opinion, especially when he has waited five years to tell his story.

“Secondly, around this time Tyson was not involved with the WBC. He did not fight Klitschko for the WBC belt, it was for other titles, so this issue does not impact on him being our heavyweight world champion.”

The latter statement should clear up any rumors or belief that the recent allegations could have an impact on the trilogy with the former WBC champion which is scheduled to take place in July.

By: Garrisson Bland

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