Fulton On Figueroa: “I Will Be Doing The Knocking Out This Time!”

Stephen Fulton is promising to knockout Brandon Figueroa!

WBO Super Bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton, WBC Super Bantamweight champion Brandon Figueroa
Stephen Fulton (left), Brandon Figueroa

Stephen Fulton is promising to knockout Brandon Figueroa!

In his last in-ring assignment, Regular WBA and WBC Super Bantamweight champion Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa (22-0-1, 17 KO’s) prevailed by thrilling seventh round knockout. Prior to the impressive one-punch stoppage, Figueroa waged an exciting all-action war with Luis Nery. Given the ferocity of their battle, there is no doubt that they entertained and titillated the boxing fans bearing witness. Yet, there was no one more delighted with the fight, and more specifically the outcome, than WBO Super Bantamweight champion Stephen “Cool Boy Steph” Fulton (19-0, 8 KO’s).

Fulton has actively called for a showdown with The Heartbreaker for quite some time. In fact, his pursuit has carried on so long that he has openly accused Figueroa of ducking him. So when the Texan defeated Nery, Fulton found himself floating along on cloud nine. Prior to the Figueroa v Nery dustup, Cool Boy Steph predicted that the Heartbreaker would win. Therefore he was not surprised with the result of the bout. Yet what left him so elated was the fact that he would finally get his dance date with Figueroa.

“It was what I expected and it was what I said! I told y’all Brandon would pull the fight out. To me, it was an okay performance because they both were wild and sloppy. It was inaccurate punches, they both had bruises all over they face and was missing the majority of the punches. So it was what I expected, though.”


As any confident fighter would, Fulton has always assured that he would win if he faced Figueroa. In this instance, Cool Boy Steph has gone a step further and guaranteed that he will knock out The Heartbreaker. To hear a boxer boast of an impending stoppage win is as common as getting wet in a rainstorm; nothing really out of the ordinary there. However, what makes it somewhat bold for Fulton to say this is the fact that he is far from a knockout artist. With only eight stoppages to his credit, most would not consider him to be an overly hard puncher. Paying this no mind, in a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Fulton assured he has what it takes to lay Figueroa low.

“I expect me to come out victorious, I will be the one doing the knocking out this time…I’m going to show y’all something else that’s different in my arsenal this time. I showed y’all I can box and I showed y’all that I can brawl in my last fight and now I got to show y’all I can [pantomimes punches]…knocking people out now!”

Now that he has dealt his threats, it will be up to Fulton to make good on his word. Luckily for him there is already a September 11 fight date on the books. So that is when we can see for ourselves if he has all the new wrinkles in his game, and power, that he believes he does.

By: Bakari Simpson

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