IBF About Ready To Update Drug Testing Policy?

IBF almost ready to move forward with year round testing 

The issue of performance enhancing drugs in the sport of boxing is a problem that can no longer be ignored. Of course PED’s have always been frowned upon but it hasn’t always been policed properly by the sports sanctioning bodies although the effort to strengthen testing policies over the last few years are a positive step. The WBC and WBA already have a year round drug testing plan in place but the IBF does not. They’ve relied on more so on a competition testing basis.

In the past IBF President Daryl Peoples has said in the past that he didn’t see the urgency per se in year round testing but he seems to have changed his mind on the issue.

“We take our anti-doping program very seriously. So far we only conduct tests at competitions, but now everyone in boxing understands that doping is a real problem. We work together, we support each other in matters of exclusion of athletes. If you asked me 10 years ago, I would not say that this problem is not in boxing. Back then I thought that this is more likely to apply to MMA,” Peoples told Nikolay Ryazantsev.

“Now the truth comes out. This is a disrespect for the sport and a disrespect for the opponent, when you gain an advantage in some other way, rather than working in the gym. These athletes simply destroy their body for some short-term benefit. We are trying to make it clear to all boxers that doping for them only does harm,” Peoples said.

“We are considering this issue. So far, our rules only require doping tests during fight. But I think that eventually we will move forward with taking tests during out-of-competition periods to be sure that everyone is under the same conditions. If you go into the ring with someone who has a dishonestly gained an advantage, then it can be just as dangerous for both boxers,” Peoples said.

At the end of the day it comes down to what is fair for the fighter’s and everything being the same within the sanctioning bodies as far as drug testing policies is always going to be the best solution. Peoples didn’t give any indication on their expected timetable for implementing a new policy but it’s not something that takes a long period of time.

By: Chris Henderson 

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