Isaac Chamberlain Destroys Dilan Prasovic; Okolie Rematch Near?

Isaac Chamberlain Has Zero Problems With Dilan Prasovic

Isaac Chamberlain flashes a smile at Lawrence Okolie.
Isaac Chamberlain (left) and Lawrence Okolie

Isaac Chamberlain Runs Over Dilan Prasovic

Fighting for the vacant IBF cruiserweight international title, Isaac “IC” Chamberlain (14-1, 8ko) beat down the body of former title contender Dilan Prasovic (15-2, 12ko) in the first round.

Prasovic went into this fight still a little shell shocked after suffering a brutal third-round knockout by the WBO champion Lawrence Okolie on September 25. Looking to bounce back in hopes of getting back into the title picture, he accepted the challenger of taking on Chamberlain.

IC has been a man on a mission since also losing to Okolie in 2018. He suffered his only defeat to date via unanimous as both fighters were two high-profile British prospects coming up through the ranks.


When Prasovic was stopped by Okolie, the finishing touch came via a left hook to the body. Ironically, he got beat down again the same way as he tried to establish some offense, but found himself immediately on the defensive.

It was clear that Chamberlain saw how his opponent was easily defeated to the body and wasted little time attacking the rib cage like a shark smelling blood.  It all started with a hurtful left hook to the body, and he continued to exclusively go to the body landing double right and left hooks beneath the elbow with pinpoint accuracy.

Prasovic curled up like a newborn baby trying to avoid taking more damage as he was stumbling around the ring winching in pain. He finally went down from a devastating left hook to the body, the same punch he was stopped by against Okolie.


The referee counted him out as he got up at the count of ten, only to go back down still in severe pain. It was the victory Chamberlain was looking for by finishing off a common opponent two-rounds earlier than Okolie.

Chamberlain is not ranked by any of the major sanctioning bodies. However, his capturing of the minor IBF title should result in a favorable spot in the updated ranking system.

Furthermore, Prasovic being a former title contender, IC could find his name within the top 10 of the WBO rankings. With no mandatory defense ordered, a rematch could be the next order of business between the two rivals.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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