Should Keith Thurman’s Comments Concern Fans

Thurman Sings A Different Tune Nowadays


 In order to fully understand why some say they are a little disappointed about the recent comments made by Keith Thurman you have to backtrack and look at the history.  By now most fans know ‘One-Time’ had a recent video interview, while attending the Devon Alexander come back fight in St. Petersburg, on FightHype [link below]. It was in this WBA & WBC unified Champion said things that most of us feel was unlike how Mr. One-Time Thurman used to sound.

If you go back to when Keith first came upon the scene he would tell anyone willing to listen how hungry he was.  The famous post fight interview directed toward  Paulie Malinaggi quote when I get there (meaning title shot) “DON’T DUCK ME SON”.  The “I got an 0 and not afraid to let it go” he would use when he wanted Floyd.

How about when he had no problems letting Rueben Guerrero, father of Robert Guerrero, know exactly what to expect on fight day.  Then his interaction with Shawn Porter where again One-Time Thurman showed extreme confidence.  Finally, who can forget him jumping in the ring and telling Danny Garcia ” I AM NOT A CHERRY” oh while commentating the Danny fight made the quote “This will be the third Daddy’s boy ass I’m gonna beat”.

You see that Keith Thurman roared like a Lion, didn’t back down or offer back pedal comments.  That Keith Thurman gave the impression that he would take on ANY challenge.  Fast forward to recent events, I understood his position the first time he said Errol has to make himself relevant then I’ll fight him.  I totally agree ‘earn the spot first’ NO PROBLEMS with that at all. At that point Spence didn’t have a creditable solid opponent victory.

Now granted Keith did beat Danny Garcia earlier this year to become a unified welterweight champion then had to have surgery on his elbow.  Since then Spence Jr. has captured the IBF title making himself a player in the division so it’s obvious fan’s interest in the possible match-up would be high.

However during a segment on Showtime earlier this year Thurman didn’t sound the same saying things like I’m not as hungry as Spence that’s cause I’m at peace.  Then again in the fighthype interview saying fighting Spence isn’t in my IMMEDIATE TO DO LIST it’s not on my TO DO LIST. Is totally out of character for a guy who when it came to F. Mayweather, P. Malinaggi, S.Porter, R. Guerrero & D. Garcia wasn’t the case.

Keith very well could fight Spence in 2019 but as it stands now the aforementioned comments are cause for concern. To some it’s just not what we are used to hearing from One-Time & it’s also what we don’t like to hear from our champions.

By: Garrisson ‘Bo’ Bland

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