Orlando Gonzalez Decisions Luis Porozo

Luis Porozo vs Orlando Gonzalez

Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez. Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Orlando Gonzalez Get The Victory!

After eight rounds of action, Luis Porozo (15-3, 8 KO’s) dropped a unanimous decision to Orlando “El Zurdo de Oro” Gonzalez (15-0, 10 KO’s) on the under-card of Moloney v Baez. Early in the fight, Porozo was able to crouch down directly in front of Gonzalez without absorbing very much damage.

From this position, Porozo was able to effectively probe with his jab, counter and get out of range using his greater hand and foot speed. Toward the end of the second round, Gonzalez managed to hurt and floor the momentarily overly careless Ecuadorian with a single powerful left hook. Porozo would beat the count easily, and luckily for him, seconds after the eight-count was completed, the round was over.

To his credit, Luiz Porozo enjoyed a very favorable bounce back round in the third. Realizing that the previous period was a 10-8 setback, he attacked the Puerto Rican with an acute aggression. Outside of giving more attention to his body attack, Gonzalez did not achieve a whole lot in the fourth. By the fifth Porozo was easily controlling the pace of the fight from his crouching tiger stance.

Despite largely dominating the bout, the Puerto Rican was having success with his hooks to the body. Unfortunately, the first body punch that really punctured and hurt Porozo was ruled a low blow. To make matters worse, it happened twice. The third time was a charm though. After connecting with a thudding right hook to the head and crunching left hook to the ribs,  Porozo drops to a knee.

Quizzically, in the final period, Gonzalez all but completely abandoned his body attack. Regardless of this, he was able to win the favor of all three judges.

By: Bakari Simpson

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