Prospect Abdullah Mason Hopes To Cap Off 2022 With One More Win

Mason Continues to Shine as a Lightweight Prospect

Abdullah Mason racks up wins in 2022
Abdullah Mason racks up wins in 2022

Prospect Abdulla Mason Showing Promise Heading into 2023

In his latest at bat, lightweight fighter Abdullah Mason (5-0, 4 KO’s) continued to look like the blue-chip prospect he’s been billed to be. When caged in with Angel Barrera, Abdullah ravaged his opponent like tornado winds would a cheap wig. By utilizing his length, speed and sharp accuracy, Mason pummeled, balled up and roughly deposited Barrera on the ground. Even better than possessing the tools, the Top Rank fighter is showing both signs of solid in-ring intelligence as well as a killer instinct.

As he is still making his bones, Mason, 18, is hitting the ring as often as he can to further sharpen his teeth. In fact, his dust up with Barrera was his fourth outing of the year. While his opposition is yet to be determined, the Cleveland, Ohio native is already scheduled to be back in action on December 16. Trained by his father, Valiant Mason, he is one of five fighting brothers who have been making noise behind the scenes for years now. In fact, the clan of pugilists is so dynamic that boxing titan Floyd Mayweather Sr. personally put his stamp of approval on them quite some time ago.

It will be interesting to see how Abdullah Mason continues to develop in 2023. Yet, given how his 2022 went, it will be busy and loaded with bloodied and broken foes. So, let’s see if Mason can maintain his current trajectory, or if severe turbulence is on the way. From the looks of his though, Mason will remain a problem for the foreseeable future.

By: Bakari Simpson

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