Q&A Interview: Undefeated Champion Katharina Thanderz

Katharina Thanderz

Q & A Interview with Katharina Thanderz

3kingsboxing caught up with Undefeated WBC/EBU International Female Lightweight and Super-Featherweight Champion Katharina Thanderz.

3KINGS: I want to first thank you again for taking the time to speak with me today. I greatly appreciate it.

3KINGS: First, I gotta ask, what made you one day wake up and say “I think I wanna get punched in the face?” (laughs) I mean, what made you decide to be a fighter?

Thanderz: I decided to become a fighter at the age of 18, when I put on some boxing gloves for the first time. That was in 2007, when I started to practice kick-boxing. I knew from the first day I wanted to compete. And so, I did. I won three Spanish championships, one European championship, and one world championships in professional kick boxing.
In 2010 I started practicing boxing while I Still was a kick-boxer. But in 2012, I decided to only do boxing.

3KINGS: Being promoted by such a former great fighter in Sergio Martinez, what is that like?

Thanderz: I feel really honored to be part of the team of Sergio Martínez. First of all, because I admire him as a person, boxer, and all what he has been able achieve during his career. So of course, knowing he put an eye on my boxing is something to feel proud about.

3KINGS: How does it feel being the EBU/WBC International champion?

Thanderz: It feels like a dream being the EBU/WBC International champion. My team and I have really worked hard for it, and before winning both titles, I imagined winning them each day during my training sessions.

3KINGS: When you first won your first title, what was that feeling like?

Thanderz: When I won the first title, I felt a lot of emotions. I felt I did a great fight, and becoming the European champion I felt I was a step close to where I want to be. But basically, I felt a huge happiness after the fight!

3KINGS: For many years women couldn’t fight in Norway. What did it mean to you to fight in the country you was born?

Thanderz: It was great to be able to box in Norway. I was brought up in Spain, and that’s why I did most of my fights in Spain. But when they made boxing legal in Norway, I didn’t doubt to contact the right people to do a fight there. I became European champion in Norway.

3KINGS: At this stage of your career what fight are looking to make? Meaning what fight are you excited about making?

Thanderz: We would like to do a world championship, and win it. I might have to do some more fights before that, but I would love a fight against Eva Walström, who is the WBC titleholder in my weight class.

3KINGS: You have gone up in weight from Super-Featherweight to Lightweight… Will you move up again or stay at lightweight?

Thanderz: I did a couple of fights in lightweight, but I’m still ranked in super featherweight, and I plan to stay in that weight division at the moment

3KINGS: What are some of the things you feel still needs to be changed about women’s boxing?

Thanderz: I think there still are quite many things that should change in woman boxing. I think the rules should be the same, like boxing three minutes rounds. I also think we should get the same attentions in media as men, and of course get paid the same. We train exactly as hard has men. We have the same perseverance as them, and we are just as dedicated and disciplined as them. I think we’re able to give great fights, and I have always received positive feedback after my fights.

3KINGS: How important has your family role and support been throughout this journey?

Thanderz: The family role and all the support you get is essential when you’re a boxer. I’m really grateful for all the support they have given me throughout the years. They’ve always been there for me on my fights, even it’s really difficult to watch a daughter being in the ring. It wouldn’t have been the same without them, that’s for sure!

3KINGS: What do you do to stay focused?

Thanderz: I don’t do anything special to stay focused. I’m a very focused person, and I have passion for what I do. I wish to succeed so much, that I have know that focus is one of the main keys, and fortunately I have it in me.

3KINGS: How much longer do you see yourself fighting?

Thanderz: I see myself in boxing during the time I enjoy it as much as I do today, and during the time I get to stay well without any injuries.

3KINGS: What are some of the things you want to do after boxing?

Thanderz: After boxing I would like to be able to inspire other female talents, and somehow still be connected to boxing in another way.

3KINGS: Do you get angry when dieting? I mean some fighters will get a little extra aggressive. Or are you like, “it is what it is?”

Thanderz: I think dieting is difficult of course. Luckily I’ve done this for a while now, and I’m used to how my body and mind gets during this period of time. I try not to get irritated, but for that I’m more isolated with my team, and I try not to be as social. It’s when you meet people outside the gym it gets even harder to stick to a strict diet. Not because you necessarily break the diet, but you hear other people speaking about food, asking you “silly” questions, and even eating in front of you.
So I try to avoid that situations when I’m doing a strict diet.

3KINGS: If you weren’t boxing what would you be doing?

Thanderz: I’m not sure what I would be doing to tell you the truth. Maybe another sport? Or maybe I would be more focused in what used to be my job, selling houses. Maybe I would’ve had my own family, who knows… it’s a difficult question 🙂

3KINGS: When is your next fight and where will it be?

Thanderz: I’m not sure yet when my next fight is. But I hope it will be in October. I’m training hard already. So I won’t get ready, but stay ready!

3KINGS: Champ, thank you so much for your time. It’s greatly appreciated.

Thanderz: Thanks a lot for your time, and for making the interview! I hope I answered all your questions.

3KINGS: Yes you did, it was a pleasure.

By: Garrison “Bo” Bland

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