Rosado: “I Will Do What Canelo & GGG Didn’t Do…KO Daniel Jacobs!”

Gabriel Rosado Want To Join Dimitry Pirog In KOing Daniel Jacobs!

Gabe Rosado and Daniel Jacobs
Gabe Rosado (left), Daniel Jacobs

Gabriel Rosado confident he will stop Daniel Jacobs! 

As it is with many fighters in or around the same division with one another, “King” Gabe Rosado (25-12-1, 14 KO’s) and Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs (36-3, 30 KO’s) have unofficially crossed paths with each other for years. Each are east coast fighters, they have had occasion to train in the same camp together and in their last fights, they even appeared on the same card.

Yet, despite the close proximity with one another, they have never had the chance to fight in a legitimized prizefight. And this is something that Rosado wants to change ASAP!

For the contender from Philadelphia, this tantalizing fight became a serious goal of his well back in 2013 when he fought Peter Quillin. At the time, Jacobs was supposed to fight the winner. The Miracle Man would eventually face Quillin two years later, but he has never laced up the gloves for a Rosado dust-up.

Let King Gabe tell it, now is the perfect time for them to finally settle their ongoing feud.


Aside from them both going to 168 at the same time, Rosado believes now is the perfect time to go to war with Jacobs because of his affiliation with his new trainer Freddie Roach. Ironically enough, in the former IBF middleweight champion’s last bout against Julio Chavez Jr (51-4-1, 33 KO’s), Rosado was the emergency “substitute” opponent. As all in the boxing world know, Chavez Jr is wildly unpredictable, so King Gabe was there just in case Junior was not able to satisfy his obligation to perform.

Regrettably for Rosado, and the fans, Chavez Jr did make it to the ring. However once in the ring, he put on one of the most abysmal performances in recent years. At the conclusion of the bout, the crowd on hand vigorously booed, threw beer cans in the ring and came very close to starting a small riot.

Yet even though he did not get a chance to tangle with Jacobs, Rosado did still have a full training camp with Roach. While in that camp, King Gabe really enjoyed how their two styles and personalities meshed together. With this union, he is super confident that he would beat Jacobs.

“I feel like especially now that I’m with Freddie Roach. We had a great camp, we were preparing as if we were fighting Jacobs, thinking that Chavez would come out. So we had a great camp, great sparring. I feel great at 68. I feel a lot stronger at 68 now that I don’t have to cut down.

“I think with Freddie Roach we’re ready for whoever at the division.”


When all the dust settles and the talk is done, Rosado is adamant that he will not only defeat Jacobs but leave him unconscious in the ring.

“I’ve been calling him out, been wanting to fight. I think the fight is huge just in boxing period, but especially if it was in the east coast being that he is from Brooklyn. I’ve headlined in Brooklyn and in Madison Square Garden, so I have a big fan base in his hometown. So its just one of those fights that should happen.

“…Listen, I will knock out Daniel Jacobs if the fight happens because I can beat Daniel Jacobs. I see a lot of flaws in his game. I think he is more hype than anything. I like the guy but I don’t think he is what they make him out to be.

“So I would definitely like to fight Jacobs to knock him out and do what Canelo didn’t do or G didn’t do.”

Given the years of build-up and all the heated vitriolic exchanges, let’s hope that we can get this grudge match hashed out in the ring before the end of the year.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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