Tank Davis On Rolly: “They Never Talk About No Skill, Only Power!”

Tank Davis talks code murder game in Rolly Romero presser

WBA regular champion Gervonta Davis commenting on Rolly Romero, Rolando Romero talking into a microphone
Gervonta Davis (left), Rolando Romero

Tank Davis talks code murder game in Rolly Romero presser

When Gervonta “Tank” Davis (25-0, 24 KO’s) and Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KO’s) go to war on December 5, all notion of respect with be absent. The regular WBA lightweight champion has loudly proclaimed that he feels Rolly is a loud mouth buffoon and devoid of any legitimate boxing skill. Armed only with a big punch and vulgar vernacular, Tank believes he is just aching for a flogging. While a bit more tactful, both of his coaches, Calvin Ford and Barry Hunter, concurred.

Romero has told anyone who is listening that he is “dwarf slayer.” The Vegas born and bred boxer feels he has nothing to fear due to Davis’ shorter stature and previous rounds being out-boxed. With the lisp-filled pseudo-eloquence that only Rolly can provide, he’s routinely questioned Tanks professional body of work. In his opinion, Davis has largely opted to face lesser competition rather than wrestle with the most dangerous tigers in his division. Actually, that is a major gripe about Tank that permeates throughout a healthy amount of boxing circles.


Heading into his bout with Davis though, the common perception is that Romero currently is the easier night in the office. Tank certainly does. Sure, he firmly believes he’s about to merrily chop him up like curry goat at a Jamaican festival. Going a step further though, the Baltimore native insists he would have snuffed Romero and company long ago had this been street beef.

“I ain’t trying to hear none of that. We from the city, you know what’s happening, what’s in the city. You know what happen in the city, so we ain’t trying to hear none of that. I’m coming to fight. If it was the street these niggas would have been smoked and that’s what it is!”


Putting his banter alluding to vicious jungle tactics to the side, Davis fundamentally believes that Romero is a grossly flawed fighter. Like many do with Deontay Wilder, Rolly is largely labeled as a one-trick pony relying solely on his power to bail him out. Tank thinks this assertion is reinforced by Romero’s, and his chief second, insistence on speaking about nothing outside of knockouts and power. The regular champion is of the mind that this narrow outlook on boxing will lead to certain disaster.

“They never talk about no skill, they talk about power…come on bro, [my] skills is way up to par, you niggas got to talk about something different. It’s better than some damn power because we know what’s coming with me! And when you in the trenches, it’s cool to shoot them bullets. How you going to defend yourself when them bullets coming back?”


As always, in the end, we will have to wait until fight night to see how it’s really destined to unfold. This is boxing after all. However, there is a general public perception that Rolly will exit this match worse for wear. This perception has materialized due to recent shaky performances such as the ones against Jackson Marinez and Anthony Yigit. When in against Marinez, who he fought to become the interim WBA lightweight titlist, many felt that he flat out should have lost. Instead, Rolly was seemingly granted a gift decision.

When facing Yigit, Romero was able to establish himself as the dominant fighter yet that was mainly due to his greater size and power. Despite getting the win, Rolly proved once again that he was an extremely limited boxer. One of the biggest hits to his credibility was provided by Romero himself. In an effort to keep his social media content up to date, Rolly posted a video of his defensive boxing drills.

The video captured him jerking and shifting around looking more like a scared kid dodging a bee than a professional boxer plying their trade. With all these questionable instances caught on tape, it’s not hard to see why Rolly is being so heavily counted out. In the end though, talk is cheap and no one has a crystal ball revealing the future. So, in the end, time will have to answer all our questions!

By: Bakari Simpson

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