Ugas Forces Team Dallas to Throw in the Towel!

Yordenis Ugas Dominates Mike Dallas Jr!

Yordenis Ugas
Yordenis Ugas

Yordenis Ugas stops Mike Dallas Jr! 

In the main event on Fox Sport 1, Yordenis “54 Milagros” Ugas (25-4, 12 KO’s) forced the corner of his opponent Mike “The Silent Assassin” Dallas Jr (23-4-2, 11 KO’s) to throw the towel.

The end came in between the seventh and eighth rounds.

Well before the bout began, Ugas was viewed as the overwhelming favorite. Once in the ring, this proved to be the case as the prizefight had a strong “big brother versus little brother” feel to it.

To his credit, Dallas Jr was very game and definitely put up a great effort. However, he simply could not match the power or consistency of his Cuban adversary.


During the first round, it appeared that Ugas was almost recklessly chasing an early knockout. Rather than setting anything up, he opted to walk Dallas down while throwing big shots, particularly his overhand right and hardly used his jab.

Although the action was briefly stopped due to an unintentional low blow, the favorite did not look like his typical technical self.

In the second round, however, Ugas settled down, began working behind his jab and fought a much more polished fight. In fact, from this point on, in many ways each round resembled a carbon copy of each other.

From the second to the seventh, he methodically stalked Dallas while tormenting his body with punishing hooks and straight jabs. Along with his consistent torso strafing, Ugas landed thudding rights on Dallas’ chin with regularity.

To his credit, the underdog fought back with purpose and also landed his own head and body blows with consistency. However, nothing that he landed discouraged, slowed down or even seemed to matter.

Clearly his corner was well aware of the disheartening situation.

After watching their fighter remain stuck in an endless retreat for seven full rounds, they threw in the towel before the Silent Assassin could get off the stool to initiate the eighth period.

Seeing as how he probably hadn’t won a single round and obviously didn’t have the power to turn the tide, the mercy stoppage was in the best interest of Dallas.

Ahead of the bout, Ugas had been very vocal about wanting to get a title shot after this fight.

Being that he won a WBC eliminator in July of 2019 against Omar Figueroa Jr, is ranked #3 by the organization and #1 by the WBA, it will be very interesting to see what significant fight will materialize next for the Cuban sensation!

By: Bakari Simpson

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