Wilder Says Cruiserweight Division on His Radar?

After unifying the heavyweight division Wilder wants to go down in weight 

Yesterday in a Instagram video WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder said that after he unifies the heavyweight division, he wants to drop down and concur the cruiserweight division.

That’s right you read this correctly! That is a lofty and very ambitious goal. Although Wilder is a small heavyweight in terms of weight he stands 6’7 and hasn’t weighed nearly close to the cruiserweight limit since turning pro at 207 pounds back in 2007.

This is what Wilder had to say about the lofty expectations.

“I’ve been thinking about once I unify the heavyweight division, moving down to the cruiserweight division and taking over that division,” Wilder said on social media.

“I mean there has never been a heavyweight champion ever go down in weight. I mean just for the fun of it. Just take over the cruiserweight division while maintaining the heavyweight division.”

Before any of this could even remotely happen Wilder has to get by fellow undefeated heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

That’s no guarantee for a couple of reasons, one being Joshua is much different than many of the guys Wilder has fought in his career, the most important reason of course is that neither guy has signed on the dotted line to face each other as negotiations continue.

By: Jerrell Jasper 

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