Liam Williams Dismisses Disrespectful Asinia Byfield

Liam Williams
Liam Williams

Liam Williams: Metcalf over ‘disrespectful’ Byfield

Former British, Commonwealth and European light-middleweight champion Liam Williams has dismissed Asinia Byfield and insists he has bigger fish like JJ Metcalf to fry.

The Welsh wizard (17-2-1-KO12) has recently switched trainer to Dominic Ingle and having returned from narrow back-to-back defeats to Liam Smith with a victory, is eyeing big prizes.

Ahead of his next assignment on MTK Global’s first ever show in Wales on Friday, Williams said:

“Byfield is a disrespectful little weasel. I really don’t like him and if I can help it, I won’t give him the time of day – let alone fight him.

“He can go fight on his little shows because I’m chasing bigger things. This is a competitive sport and people are pitted against each other to try and prove they’re the best.

“I’m fully motivated again and I’m determined to prove to people how good I am. There are no specific targets – I just want to be in good fights and get back to being busy.

“It’s looking like a fight with JJ Metcalf (18-0-KO10) could be possible. I’m not being disrespectful or calling him out. I just want to be in good fights from now on and that’d be one.”

Fighting alongside him on the colossal show at Cardiff’s Vale Sports Arena will be MTK Global team-mates Sean McGoldrick and Jacob Robinson.

Williams signed for MTK Global in April two weeks after stopping Darryl Sharp on his return from his only two career defeats.

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