Benavidez: “I’ll be the Youngest 2-Time World Champion in 168lbs History!”

David Benavidez Could Make History a Second Time!

David Benavidez
David Benavidez

David Benavidez Looking to Make History…Twice!

David “ El Bandera Roja” Benavidez’s defeat of Ronald Gavril on September 8, 2017 was the highlight of his young career. Not only did he become the WBC champion, he was the youngest super middleweight in history to do s at only 20 years-old!


Unfortunately, very shortly after obtaining the coveted strap, the long and rangy Arizonan would be labeled as the “champion in recess”. He was saddled with the distinction as a result of testing positive for cocaine.

This was an unnecessary set back for the young champion. However, he kept the faith, kept training and now he has the chance to both win another belt and make history again.

Yet, before he can accomplish these new objectives he must first defeat the current WBC super-middleweight champion Anthony Dirrell.

Dirrell picked up the vacant strap when he beat Avni Yildirim by technical split decision in February. During the course of their all action bout, the new champ suffered a cut that became increasingly worse.

The gash became so troublesome that the bout was called off in the tenth round at which point Dirrell won it on the scorecards. The bout with Benavidez will be his first defense of the title. El Bandera Roja is adamant that it will be an unsuccessful defense!

In a recent interview with Behind the Gloves, Benavidez had the opportunity to share his candid feelings on the matter.

“It’s basically another world title shot, you know? I don’t have it no more, so I mean, I’m the champion in recess right now. I’m not a champion, he’s the champion, you know? But I’m very fortunate because if I win, I get to be the youngest two-time world champion in super middleweight history.

“The youngest champion before me was 23, you know what I mean? So, there is still a little wiggle room for me to make history again.”


Outside of his upcoming dust-up, Benavidez has had no choice but think about a potential match-up between himself and the fairly new IBF super middleweight champion, Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant. Although, Plant is not so much an obsession of Benavidez’s so much as Sweet Hands is an opponent the fans would love to see him face.

Furthermore, those fans have no problem telling Benavidez about it!

“Honestly, it’s just how the people are making it, you know? They keep telling me ‘Caleb Plant, Caleb is talking shit. You see Caleb Plant, you hear what he said?’ But honestly I don’t care about him, you know what I mean?

“I’m going to prepare for him like I prepare for anybody else because I take my job serious, you know? I do an eleven week training camp. I train hard every day, so it doesn’t matter if its him, Caleb Plant, it’s all going to be the same result.

“Every time I step in the ring, I’m trying to kill someone in the ring. So, that’s how its going to be.”

Yet, having already lost his title outside of the ring, Benavidez has learned the hard way about taking his eyes off the ball. With this being the case, El Bandera Roja will do whatever it takes to dominate and defeat the veteran Dirrell. First and foremost he understands that a proper training camp and dutiful research are critical keys to victory.

“Now a days, I hate when fighters say ‘I don’t study fighters, I don’t do that’. That’s dumb bro. Why would you not want to watch something and be ready for the exact same combination that he’s going to throw when you could counter or do something else, you know what I mean?

“You got to study these fighters. I think people are just becoming lazy now and they just don’t want to watch tape or their ego is that big.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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