Billy Joe Saunders Routs David Lemieux

Saunders Makes Easy Work 

In tonight’s main event on HBO in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders made easy work out of former IBF champion David Lemieux. The fight was a one-sided affair from bell to bell.

The first round started with Saunders using his jab, and landing to the body as he was able to dictate the pace from the outset. Saunders fought the second much like the first behind the jab but this time threw some solid left hands with it. 

By the third Lemieux began to fight with more urgency but it was Saunders jab and movement controlling the bout. Saunders was able to put his boxing skills on display throughout the first three rounds.

    The fourth round, Lemieux began to get closer and closer with his shots but seemed to struggle cutting the ring off on the much slicker southpaw.  Saunders continued to box circles around him literally, landing combinations while stepping to the side of his opponent. In the 5th round Lemieux missed so badly that Saunders taunted him by looking into crowd for the shot. 

Midway thru the fight Lemieux was being outboxed and was struggling to connect cleanly as well as continuously lunging forward. The Canadian native just seemed to be a step behind Saunders all night. In the first minute of the seventh Saunders landed a beautiful right hook that made Lemieux stagger back then followed it up with several left hooks that seemed to hurt Lemieux throughout the round.

   By the eighth round the gap in skills was apparent as Saunders was handing out a boxing lesson. However, Lemieux kept coming forward but just lacked the fundamental skills to set up any of his shots. To add to his issues Lemieux used absolutely no head movement at all and was getting hit at will. 

In the ninth Saunders controlled the round with his jab, looking confident even fighting with his hands down. By the eleventh round Lemieux looked like a defeated fighter breathing through his mouth with blood streaming from his nose and his punches seemed to have lost their steam.

  Saunders was able to retain his title by winning a unanimous decision in what appeared to be more like 12 rounds of light sparring instead of a world title fight. This fight might of started on Twitter but tonight Saunders finished it in the ring.

He improved his record to 26-0 with 12 KO’s and it will be interesting to see who Saunders faces next. The talk leading up to this fight from the UK star was all about wanting to face Canelo Alvarez next. A fight with Canelo gives Saunders the opportunity to not only solidify his position in the middleweight division but also brings with it a career high payday.

By: Wilson Urena

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