Murat Gassiev/Yunier Gassiev: Full Recap and Results

Gassiev stops Dorticos in the twelfth 

In Sochi, Russia the second semifinal match of the World Boxing Super Series Cruiserweight tournament Murat Gassiev was able to improve to 26-0 with 19KO by stopping Yunier Dorticos in the twelfth round. Dorticos fell to 22-1 with 21KO.

The fight started with Dorticos coming forward behind his jab. Gassiev seemed content to try to fight off of his back fight.  As the second round began Dorticos continued to be the aggressor. Gassiev was able to land some effective counters including a couple of solid right hands to the head although they seemed to have little effect on Dorticos.

The third and fourth rounds were almost carbon copies of each other has Dorticos continued to work behind his jab and be the aggressor. Gassiev was able to land but like before they seemed to have little effect.

In the fifth round Gassiev began to fight off his front foot finally. With a little under 45 seconds left Gassiev was able to land a left hook to the head that temporarily rattled Dorticos although the Cuban was able to quickly regroup.

In round six the tide appeared to be turning as Gassiev was now clearly becoming the aggressor and Dorticos showed the ability to fight somewhat effectively off his back foot.

The seventh round was fought primarily in the center of the ring as both guys traded punches without much give although it appeared Gassiev got the better of the exchanges. Round eight, Dorticos became more aggressive as it almost appeared Gassiev was taking a round off.

In the ninth and tenth round Gassiev came back out the aggressor, putting Dorticos back on the back foot. The Russian was able to land a few of solid left hands in which Dorticos attempted to shake off like he did earlier but it was apparent they were having an effect.

To start round eleven it was clear that Gassiev was in charge of the action. With under a minute left in the round he was able to land a left hook that caused Dorticos to grab and hold on for dear life.

In the final round Gassiev came out looking to stop Dorticos as he continued to be the aggressor. He was able to knock Dorticos down three times as the referee stopped the fight following the final knockdown in which Dorticos went through the ropes.

The number two seed Gassiev, who won Dorticos WBA title to go with his IBF belt, will now move on to face WBC & WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk in the final.

By: Chris Henderson 

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