Some Names Are Just Tailor-Made

If the shoe fits, wear it. If the cap fits, do the same. If something applies to you, accept it and own it and that’s exactly what some boxer’s have done, taking to heart and encompassing a chosen moniker/nickname and making it there own. Five boxer’s who’s nicknames where custom made for them . 


#5. Henry Jackson Jr. (Henry Armstrong) is a name that still packs a punch in the world of boxing over 70 years since his last fight against  Chester Slider in the mid 1940s. Henry was a world champion in no less than three weight divisions at one time (featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight). He defended his welterweight title a total of nineteen times. Homicide Hank was as the name suggests was a  murderous exponent in ring with over 100 professional kos . 


#4. “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler is a name synonymous with the Middleweight Title. A true 160lb great so much so that the “Marvellous” one is probably listed as the greatest Middleweight in boxing history by more boxing fans than any other fighter to grace the division.                                        


#3. Jimmy Wilde with a record of 139-4-1-5 of which 99 came by way of ko was a true boxing force. Wilde wasn’t the biggest fighter standing in at a slight   5 feet 2 inches but they didn’t call him the “The Mighty Atom” for nothing. Wilde was arguably p4p one of boxing’s heaviest hitters such was his bad intention behind the gloves he was also known as the  “Ghost with the Hammer in his Hand”.                                    


#2 . Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born Floyd Joy Sinclair. He is best known as “Money” Mayweather due to the fact he  has amassed more dead presidents than any boxer in the history of the sport. With  titles in five weight classes and a lineal champion in four weight divisions, twice at welterweight. Floyd “Money ” Mayweather definitely owns his name.  


#1. Only a Few nicknames/monikers or titles can resonate with such power in any walk of life that the person in question can be recognized and identified without using a birth name. In the sport of boxing only one fighter can truly hold such a designation. “The Greatest (Muhammad Ali) … What more can I say?


By: Gavin O’Connor


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