Ronnie Shields: “I Only Listen to One Guy and That’s Al Haymon.”

Ronnie Shields Questions Who Did Hearn and De La Hoya Make Offers To

Ronnie Shields, Eddie Hearn, Oscar De La Hoya
Ronnie Shields, Eddie Hearn, Oscar De La Hoya

Ronnie Shields Questions Who Did Hearn and De La Hoya Make Offers To

There has been a lot of fuss in the middleweight division as of late. To be more precise, WBC middleweight champion Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo (30-0, 22ko) has become a popular guy lately. DAZN British promoter Eddie Hearn and Golden Boy brass Oscar De La Hoya claim they have made offers for their respective fighters to fight the Texas champion.

During an interview with FightHype, the WBC champion trainer Ronnie Shields shed some serious light on the topic.

“They saying they made this offer, they made that offer, but who did they make it to? If they want to make an offer, they only have to do one thing: CALL AL HAYMON!!!”

“Al Haymon is Jermall manager, he handles Jermall’s career. Every fight Jermall has ever fought has been because of what Al Haymon did. You not going to negotiate a contract through the media, you’re not going to negotiate a contract through social media. Call Al Haymon, they have the number.”

“If I don’t hear something from Al Haymon, then it ain’t TRUE!!”

“I don’t care what social media is saying, I don’t care what reporters are saying, I don’t care what Eddie Hearn says, I don’t care what any of them are saying. I only listen to one guy and that’s Al Haymon.”

The interviewer even dropped the name of Golden Boy’s head honcho Oscar De La Hoya and Shields was ready to dispute that.

“It’s funny the offer that De La Hoya said he threw out. The funny thing about that was that was the year Canelo fought Danny Jacobs. So Haymon is Jacobs’ manager. Haymon never mentioned Oscar threw an offer out for Jermall Charlo to fight Canelo.”

“But Danny Jacobs ended up fighting him. Don’t you see something strange with that? So again, unless I hear from Al Haymon it ain’t true.”

Shields has a point. Both promoters have made claims they have spoken to someone at Premier Boxing Champions. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that nothing moves at PBC without the nod from the head man himself, Haymon.

In reality, there does need to be some movement in the middleweight division. Where once it was one fight away from undisputed, now there are four champions and unification fights need to be made amongst them to bring clarity once again back to the division.

By: Garrisson Bland

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