Tyson Fury on Deontay Wilder: “He Knows He Lost & Will Lose Again!”

Tyson Fury Claims Deontay Wilder Is A Fraud Who Knows He Will Lose Again!

Tyson Fury holding the WBC belt; Deontay Wilder knocked down twice by Tyson Fury.
Deontay Wilder knocked down by Fury

Tyson Fury Claims Deontay Wilder Losing Again Is Imminent…So is His Retirement!

There’s an underlying backstory for the upcoming trilogy between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (30-01, 21 KOs) and former WBC belt-holder Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) that refuses to go away. It goes back to their previous fight in February of 2020.

Wilder was stopped in seven rounds by Fury and lost the WBC title while attempting to make his eleventh defense. Afterward, the former champion made wholesale changes, which included the firing of his long-time trainer Mark Breland citing “he was disloyal.” He also accused Fury of fighting with loaded gloves along with a myriad of other accusations. Wilder says he has proof to back his allegations but has never provided it publicly.

During the lead-up to Fury vs Wilder III, the defending champ has dismissed questions about Wilder’s claims. He calls it “rubbish” and a “sign of weakness” on the part of his rival. Instead, Fury’s focus has been on how he’s ready to do a repeat of their second fight.

That was until now.


At the final pre-fight press conference on October 6th, the fighter nicknamed “Gypsy King” decided it was time to address the issue directly to Wilder’s face.

“Here’s something that I need to say. Wilder said I only won the second fight because I cheated but then he goes and changes his whole team and does all his extra training and trains as hard as he’s ever trained and brings on all his team and all that.

“So, I ask the question. If I only won because I cheated, what was the point of changing everything and doing all this other work? Can anybody answer that question because I know he can’t. He doesn’t have the brains too? No one can answer that question.

“He says he wants to do bad things and hurt me and do all this malice, and he’s got anger and aggression. For those who hold the hot coal with the intentions of throwing out somebody. Guess what, they’re the ones who are going to get burnt.”


Fury explained that he doesn’t want to inflict serious harm, he simply wants to win. However, he was emphatic that Wilder’s charges since their second fight are a pack of lies and that he will defeat him once again.

“Deep down in his soul, he knows that he lost, and he’ll lose again. He lost the first time, he lost the second time, and he’s gonna lose the third time. Retirement for him, retirement dosser.”

Wilder’s retort was to answer Fury’s question with a question of his own?

“The answer to your question is, why you changed for the first [fight] and second?”

That is a reference to Fury switching trainers from Ben Davidson in his first fight with Wilder to Sugar Hill in the rematch. This set a verbal exchange between the two men. Wilder said Fury’s pacing on the stage was a sign of nervous energy and that he hits like a bitch. Fury said he’s going to knock him out and he’s an insecure piece of shit and a pussy. It got so heated that promoter Bob Arum would now allow the customary stare-down for media members in attendance.

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After going so long to look down at what he was accused of, it’s interesting that Fury made it a front and center topic. The 33 year-old has a tongue that’s as sharp as his jab. He is also an expert at the game of psychological warfare and has a keen sense of taking over a room.

Fans on boxing message boards and social media have expressed their opinions in reaction to what went down. It’s just more added spice to a fight that’s boiling with excitement. The T-Mobile Arena should be rocking on October 9. As Wilder likes to often say, “can’t wait!”

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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