Warren On Dubois Vs Joyce: “The Winner Will Become A Mandatory!”

Frank Warren: "There is a lot at stake here!"

Daniel Dubois and Joy Joyce Face-off and Frank Warren.
Daniel Dubois and Joy Joyce Face-off and Frank Warren.

Frank Warren Talks Dubois v Joyce PPV

Well it certainly didn’t take long for a potential prizefight between Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois (14-0, 13 KO’s) and Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce (10-0, 9 KO’s) to come to fruition. And at the first official presser, it didn’t take long to get physical!


While poising for their face-to-face pictures, Dynamite wasted little time in shoving Joyce out of his face. Obviously, he didn’t care for the Juggernaut encroaching in on his personal space.

Although he was happy with the intensity, and marketable scene, Queensberry Promotions fight hustler Frank Warren didn’t care to be in the middle of the two men at the time of the rough housing.

“I’m a bit too old for that! Getting in the middle of that! I didn’t expect that for one second, and they are big lumps! I think there is serious bit of testosterone flying around there and neither one wants to give any ground do they?!”


Luckily for fight fans here in the states, the upcoming Dubois v Joyce dust-up will be available on the ESPN+ which is fairly inexpensive. However, those watching the fight in the UK will not be so lucky. As Frank Warren explained in an exclusive interview with SecondsOut, had the bout not gone to PPV it likely would not have happened at all.

“The only way to make the fight was to put it on pay-per-view because the guys are getting paid a lot of money. It’s the only way it could get made, so that’s what it is. That’s how we managed to get them together.”


Of course when the Juggernaut and Dynamite lock horns in the squared-circle, their highly coveted undefeated records will be on the line. However, according to Frank Warren, there will be more at stake rather than simply maintaining an unblemished ledger.

“It’s a real serious, serious fight for the both of them! Both early careers are on the line. Maybe it’s not the end the world for the loser, but neither of them want to lose it.

“There is a lot at stake here. The winner of this will become a mandatory for the guys, Tyson’s and Wilder’s, the AJ’s. The winner will become a mandatory to them.”

And in the opinion of the seasoned promoter, not only will someone lose in this affair, someone is going out the hard way.

“I don’t expect it to go the distance, I really don’t. There are going to be some bombs. When you look at it, I think one has 92 point something ratio knockout and the other one has a 90% knockout ratio…

“…well I think it’ll be a devastating fight because they’re both big punchers. This is not just a fight, they’re going to let those bombs go and somebody will go. And their ultra, ultra confident, both of them.

“So everyone’s got an opinion on it, which is good because that makes it a talking point. It’s not like everybody thinks it’s a walk over, it’s not a walkover.

“So they’re both going to have to be at their best. It’s a real serious, serious fight for the both of them.”

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By: Bakari Simpson

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