Likelihood Of Jacobs/Saunders Not Real High

“I am the Champion”


Prior to this past Saturday’s performance against David Lemieux in which he absolutely whitewashed the Canadian, Billy Joe Saunders had said he had no problem going to New York if need be to fight Daniel Jacobs. Earlier today however it seems both Saunders as well as his promoter Frank Warren changed their tune when asked about Jacobs.

While answering questions for the press Warren was asked if Jacobs desire to fight Saunders could lead to a bout between the two:

“I’m sure he would like to fight but let’s be realistic, his last fight was in his hometown, no? He didn’t even sell two thousand tickets and that’s it.”

Saunders was asked about his statement before of going to New York to face Jacobs:

“I’m the champion. Why do I want to go to New York? I’ve already gone to Canada, why do I need to go to New York? But, no problem if they want to fight let them get in contact with Frank and Frank will sort it out on our terms. Cause I don’t need to be going over to America. I’m the champion. What does he bring to the table? He’s with an English promoter because the American’s don’t want him. You know he’s a good fighter but he don’t sell in America and he certainly ain’t gonna sell in England.”

Warren was then asked about Saunders most recently going to Canada to face Lemieux this past weekend:

“David Lemieux sold out over there, he filled the arena up. You know in Canada he’s local and a big name. Daniel Jacobs put in a good performance against Golovkin, a very good performance actually, but 2000 people showed up to see him next time in his hometown.”

Talk of a possible fight between Saunders and Jacobs first began back in November following Jacobs one-sided win over Luis Arias. With Jacobs now with Eddie Hearn the odds of this fight getting made are much lower. Hearn and Warren simply don’t much like each other much less have a good working relationship. 

 “Billy Joe Saunders objective is to unify the titles. He’s not going to unify titles fighting Danny Jacobs.” said Warren.

 There’s several ways to look at this of course but one thing that appears certain, Warren and Saunders aren’t exactly excited about the prospect of a fight with Danny Jacobs without some concessions to say the least.

By: Chris Henderson

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